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23 September, 2011

Treasure Hunt Location Hints...

All right then, I promised you a list of location hints for the TREASURE HUNT and here it comes. I've been chatting with the merchants and by my reckoning the average "build time" per prize is somewhere between 3 and 6 hours. Let's think about that for a second or two... 14 prizes, each taking 4 and a half hours to make, and most of them made especially for this particular hunt.

That's at least 63 hours of REAL time, all so that YOU can have some fantastic goodies for FREE; all you have to do is look for them. So, if you like the prizes you find, and you see the designer around, say hi, tell them thanks, I know they'll appreciate it. So, on with the HUNT - fourteen locations in no particular order:

The education section behind the landing point is especially good if you throw a little LIGHT on the subject.

I love READING about BDSM in the little gallery upstairs from the landing point.

Looking at SIGNS is especially useful, the one at the entrance to the SHOPPING GALLERY is worth close inspection.

Speaking of signs, did you know there's another hunt next month? THE FEMDOM HUNT 2 starts soon, there's a sign for it in the Mall somewhere.

Rubies make great BELLY JEWELS for models in store pictures.

Some subs could get quite ANIMATED if they pick up the latest product from one of the stores.

Some stores put in ONLINE CHECKERS... this one is instantly UNDERstandable.

This store is brightly coloured, even the SIDES of the vendors.

Lots of red in this store, just think about COLLARING.

In the pirate village it's a HALF BARREL of laughs looking for one of the prizes.

You know, sometimes this hunt has you OVER A BARREL.

It's really aMAZEing what you can find in the gardens.

SWABBING THE DECK can happen on modern boats too.

Sometimes, after a lot of hunting a nice little ISLAND MASSAGE can be nice.

So, there you go folks... happy hunting!

Don't forget also:

*Photo Competition - get your piratical pictures up there for a chance at winning a FULL DUNGEON SET from Dictatorship.

*Subbie Auction - Time is rapidly running out if you want to snag yourself a tasty sub, check out the boards and BID BID BID.

Today, starting at noon SL time, the GRAND PIRATE BALL. A full 9 hours of piratical partying... DJ Moon kicks us off, DJ Tabby takes over at 3pm, and DJ Exxx will see us safely to the end at 6pm. Dress code is formal or pirate, so dust off those gowns and shine up those peglegs :)

Tomorrow, the subbie auction finale, followed by a 4 hour party, partly sponsored by Hugo's.

So much happening, don't miss out! And please remember, all proceeds go towards keeping our second home running sweetly :)

22 September, 2011

Sneaky Peek at Treasure Hunt Prizes - Episode #5

Soooo.... last sneaky peek today, the final four prizes that YOU can find by HUNTING around the sim. This lot are all from Primal Dreams, and you know that means deliciously naughty; pekaing of which, Synthia was thoroughly fiendish in hiding her rubies (HINT - not in the mall... all 4 are in the gardens someplace).

Let's have a little look shall we?

A naughty animation first, copyable too so if you like it, you can sprinkle it liberally around your home. Is she teasing him only to deny him... or rewarding him for good behaviour? Only she knows... and only you know which is the case for you ;)

Everyone likes Naughty Pictures... and Synthia's are always naughty, always animated and always beautifully rendered. She has put two into the hunt, as you can see here:

Last, but most CERTAINLY not least, we have the Throne of the Molten Mistress. Worth a cool 2000L, you can have this prize simply for doing a little hunting. It's copy, it's mod... and it's fully loaded with naughtiness :)

Subbie Auction ends in two days ladies... get those bids in NOW if you have a particular favourite. Bidding can get competitive the closer to the end we get, so keep an eye on those boards. Don't neglect our photo competition either, and don't forget our Grand Pirate Ball on Friday, and the post-auction party on Saturday, part sponsored by the lovely Hugo's folks. ALL proceeds go to keeping our favourite sim running, so please participate if you can :)

Tomorrow... a comprehensive list of location hints for the hunt... but you might just catch some today if you watch chat :)

21 September, 2011

Sneaky Peek at Treasure Hunt Prizes - Episode #4

So, episode 4 of the Sneaky Peek series, and how are we all doing with the TREASURE HUNT? Still plenty of time to get started if you haven't yet, still four whole days of hunting fun to be had. Fourteen stunning prizes from our wonderful merchants hidden ALL OVER the Velvet Thorn sim. You will find 6 of them in the Mall, 3 of them in the Main Salle and the other 5 outside in the gardens. Check the older posts for details of the prizes covered so far.

Helpful hint: derendering can help when searching, and so can Area Search :)

Anyway, let's look at today's Sneaky peeks:

Throwing a pirate party and got no time to decorate?... no worries at all, simply rezz out this highly detailed display set from Rogue's Little Things, slap out a dance floor and you're all set!

Like my belt? It's super cool... and just happens to be the Pieta's Obscurum prize. Scripted for super simple resizing, with just the right amount of attitude, and sits wonderfully low on the hips, great for pairing with low-slung jeans :)

That's all for today... as ever watch the group chat for random clues. And PLEASE don't forget the other uber-cool stuff going on this week - the Photo Competition, the GRAND PIRATE BALL (9 hours of crazy partying), subbie auction with a HUGE party to finish, partly sponsored by the ever generous HUGO's (yes boys, the girls are back :) ). All proceeds go towards keeping our favourite sim running and entertaining us, so show your support and join in :)

20 September, 2011

HOT news... HUGE prize

Okay... so we have a photo competition going on... and believe me it's worth winning. The grand prize is a FULL DUNGEON SET from Dictatorship... built using the latest, greatest SL technology... MESH! There will also be runners up prizes and honourable mentions... don't miss out!

Yes, that's right, MESH. It's slowly but surely taking over the grid, it's time to get with the programme folks and upgrade. Check out the picture below to see how very different MESH looks when viewed in a non-compatible viewer... more and more of SL will look that way - you have been warned :)

Anyway... back to business... check out the awesomeness that is the GRAND PRIZE in the PHOTO COMPETITION. It's in the Pirate Village, just across the gangplanks from the chat circle... go on, take a look, the walk won't wear out your pixels, I promise :)

Hey, have a look for some rubies while you're out there ;)

Sneaky Peek at Treasure Hunt Prizes - Episode #3

Okay... third installment of the sneaky peeks. Sounds like some of you could use some hunting tips to find the rubies, so here goes:

1. Think about where YOU would hide something. It's a ruby, it's small, it's RED. You might put on a picture somewhere, on a red letter for example. You might put it on a box... but on the bit nearest the wall... not the bit at the front. You might put it on your newest product, because you want folks to see that too.

2. Not only is the ruby small and RED, the texture on it MOVES. But, it's a subtle movement, so you need to be patient. It also GLOWS a little... so maybe turn your environment to midnight, see if that helps.

3. The ruby is a sculpty, which means it shows up on wireframe view.

4. Look at the poster, see which merchants are participating, look INSIDE their stores first.

So... all that said, here is the third sneaky peek:

Check it out, from Campalicious... a finer pegleg you will not find. A kind Cap'n designed this to be sure, a nice cosy hat to keep your head warm in the wintry squalls, sturdy pants to protect your booty and a fine teeshirt to cover your chest. Don't be fooled though, she has plans for your protected ass... *winks*

Lady corsairs are a funny bunch... they may look sweeter than honey, but watch out... the boning in their corset is as NOTHING to the iron of their will. And how better to tell the world than with this lovely outfit from Novas :)

Okay people, get out there and get going... remember it's a HUNT, not a sit still and get prizes, you have to shake some ass and use some grey matter, but it's truly worth it, so don't miss out!!!

19 September, 2011

Sneaky Peek at Treasure Hunt Prizes - Episode #2

Well... this is turning out to be VERY exciting. By my reckoning, I will have about 5000L worth of prizes by the time I'm done hunting... not bad for a bit of rummaging around looking for a ruby eh?

So... today... let's look at Black Velvet Animation's prize:

Sub being overly bratty again? Lash him to the ship's wheel and play whipping roulette with him then! Obviously rlv enabled for your convenience... keep the blighter spinning until he learns the error of his ways. Just a suggestion :)

What next? Maybe you'd like something stylish to wear while you deal with scurvy seadogs? How about this little lot of accessories from Evelock? A truly flamboyant tricorn, a fine belt fashioned from Pieces of 8, and a necklace set to finish it all off. And if you should be unlucky enough to find yourself handless, a hook!

18 September, 2011

Sneaky Peek at Treasure Hunt Prizes - Episode #1

Okay, so I promised you a sneak preview of the prizes in the Pirate Week Treasure Hunt. How about we start with the ever-inventive, ALWAYS fantastically well built offerings from Z&A Productions? Antony and Zardia never cease to amaze me with their enthusiasm and generosity, and this little lot is no exception:

Forgot to pack your favourite throne? No trouble at all, just have your subbie build you a wonderful makeshift throne from some handy barrels so you can rest comfortably :)

Ahhh, makeshift throne not so very comfy after all? Shoot the benighted barnacle who built it wrong out of this cannon to show you displeasure then :)

Still in one piece eh? Good... then load up your scurvy subbie with your plunder and have him or her carry it home for you, so you can ponder exactly what you're going to stick where without encumbrance :)

Don't you just HATE it when your subbie squawks like a badly behaved parrot? I know I do, and I plan to put mine in his place the very next time he does... you can too with this wonderful toy. Act like a parrot, be treated like a parrot... simples!