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06 September, 2011

Smokin' Ain't Allowed in School

Sometimes a conversation can lead to a whole heap of fun... somehow we got talking about 80s music, and somehow that led to an impromptu 80s School Disco. The hair, the rubik's cube bracelet, the legwarmers, the glitter, the disco ball... did I mention the HAIR? What a hoot, have a look (thanks to Duchess Frifta and DJ Squishy for the photos):

05 September, 2011

One a-MAZE-ing Party

We had a lovely party on Saturday, on top of the new maze in our gardens. Have you seen it yet? Go check it out... it's awesome!

Built by PeterEdmond Albanese, who tells me he has plans to change the layout from time to time, so don't get too used to where the walls are just now :)

Thanks to the gorgeous Duchess Campy for these great pics from the party. Enjoy: