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09 August, 2011

VT Mistress Mentor

We have a new post in Velvet Thorn and I would like to welcome long time friends and supporters of VT: Gracies Weimes and Callie Madrigal to the team! They are 'VT Mistress Mentors' and, as such, will work closely with our other staff to develop mentoring and help in running the sim.

We are hoping to re-launch the Mistress Support group and also offer more munches, workshops and classes to the community. Any dommes wishing to offer their expertise and time in delivering classes, would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Grand Duchess Vixanne Dreamscape.

RE: Thoracic's Best in Leather

Some fantastic outfits for our 'Best in Leather' competition and great fun line dancing!!!!!!
1st place = Midnighte

2nd place= Black

3rd place tie = Enigma & Robin