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21 June, 2011

Velvet Thorn Fashion Show June 2011

VTFS-WideShotVTFS-ReliefVTFS-AllOverand StillBreathingVTFS-OurMCrupVTFS-FinalLineUPVTFS-NovasLatexa

Hoping this link behaves for those not getting through on the Flickr page :)

Velvet Thorn Fashion Show

Sunday 19th June 2011

SO Good we had to restart TWICE

We always knew that a fashion show at Velvet Thorn would be hot...
that our Shopping Gallery merchants had hot fashion...
that our models would be sizzling...

... but who could have known that the combination would result in not one but TWO serious sim crashes?

The smooth honeyed tones of rup Eizenberg kept us entertained and informed as one gorgeously outfitted model after another s..t...rolled around the catwalk, with some wonderfully random animations provided by our good friend and constant companion the lag monster. Occasional
graphical glitches were courtesy of the SL servers, but through it all we smiled, we looked AMAZING and we put on a great show.

First up we had some Deeply Stylish Hotness from NOVAs femdom Fashion. Next up we saw some very serious heels from Pietas Obscurum. Then we had the perennially droolsome Hugo's Design Latex to feast our eyes on.

clearly things got just too much for the sim at this point... full house, hearts racing, hot fashion, superhot models... and a big old KERRR-R-R-R-A-A-ASSSHHHHHH!!! So... restart, then restart again... and we resumed...

With the delicious, delightful Campalicious, bringing us ladies our first topless model to admire.
After a good drool at skin, you want more, right? So we brought out the S&Ink Tattoos, before heading back to our headline Designer NOVAs Femdom Fashions for some more fantastically fetish fashion.

... and before the ladies rioted demanding more man flesh, we moved quickly onto SubVersion, where we got to admire the fine physique of our boys. The need for latex soon re-asserted itself, bringing us to Atame. It's never long before fetishists think about boots... so it was then time to look at Utopia's offerings. And finally, we wrapped things up with just a little more from NOVAs.

We even managed to all get on the catwalk at once for a finale line-up... if only for a couple of minutes before the sim crashed again :)

All in all, we had a great time putting the show together, and we hope you enjoyed our efforts. Enormous thank to everyone involved ... here's to the next one, in a few months time :)

Thanks to the following individuals without whom we would have had NO show at all (In SL's own version of alphabetical order :P):

Akasha Aeon (Akasha Carter) - Model
Campanula Aeon - Designer and Model
Damon Fanbridge - Model
deric Sands - Model
Elisabetta Hyun - Designer, Utopia Designs
Gem (Diamondgem Destiny) - Model
Lady Frifta (Frifta Orellana) - Model
Lexie Jansma - Facilitator for Hugo's Design
Milu Laval - Designer, S&Ink and Atame
Nova Lustre - Designer, NOVAs Femdom Fashion
Pico (Blitz Firethorn) - Model
Prynce Llewellyn - Designer, SubVersion
rup Eizenberg - Designer, Pieta's Obscurum and Compere
Sarah (Anita Dethly) - Model
Servi (Serviuss Dyrssen) - Model
Sjefke Bruhl - Model
Squishy Paine - Photography
Tia Ryba - Model
Vivy (Vivienne Coppola) - Model
Vich (Vichonette Constantine) - Model

And if you're looking for someone to yell at... that would be me, Eve Terr :)

Lots more photos to look at here: