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17 March, 2011

RE: The best staff in SL

(And now that I have remembered how to do this... lol.) I would like to say that VELVET THORN HAS THE BEST STAFF IN SL!!!! Please remember that none of our Duchess's, Liaisons or Houseboys are paid. (Only our hosts and Dj's are). They give hours and hours of their time each week entirely voluntarily. They help, mentor and work extremely hard to make your time in our sl 'home' the very best it can be. So please show your appreciation of their voluntary help by donating to pay the sim costs.

The VT Kink Library

Hi Everyone.
I could really do with some more contributions for the VT library! I am planning a complete overhaul with various sections: reference and terminology, articles, VT Information and a fiction section. I was surprised how poor the net is for clear, sensible and copywright free articles. So please help!!!
Duchess Vix