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27 December, 2011

VT's 4th Anniversary

Season's Greetings to all Thornies! We now have over 5000 regular members! And we intend to party in style to celebrate our 4th anniversary on January 20th. So just some advance warning to post the date in your diary. Four year anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with fruit so our theme this year is 'Forbidden Fruit' and 'Eve the temptress'. The Wildside will be our Garden of Eden to tempt all you sinners!

VT's 4th anniversary

23 December, 2011

Campy's Christmas Party!!!

How the ice stayed solid will remain one of the great unanswered scientific questions of our lifetimes... but it did, despite the unbearable hotness of everyone's Christmas finery.  See what you missed if you didn't make it to the party in these lovely pics, courtesy of the ever gorgeous Duchess Campy, who also sponsored the party. Congrats again to Talon and Erwan who won the contest, bagging themselves a Complete Cop Outfit from Campalicious each:

19 December, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Be sure you don't miss out on our Winter Wonderland... it won't be here forever.  All sorts of lovely wintry activities await you, and bunches of freebies too!  Skating rink, couples skating, snuggles (and MUCH more) in Santa's Sleigh, snuggles and more in Santa's Throne, spanking and more in Santa's other Throne, poses in the reindeer for wonderful photos, a beautiful swing for you and your special one, lots of places to just sit and enjoy a hot cocoa or coffee with a cupcake.. and last but by no means least, this is where to register for the Secret Santa - just click the green sign on the snowman!  All will be explained, but basically click to register and await further instructions.

It's right here...

Maybe some pics to give you a flavour? Oh, okay then, since you asked so nicely, and don't forget you can click on any of the photos to see them full size:

As with everything we do at Velvet Thorn, it costs us money, so every donation, no matter how small, is hugely appreciated... seriously even 10 Lindens helps. Thank you :)

Santa's not in right now... maybe if you're quick you can find the secrets of his thrones?

Check out the Sleigh for snuggles and much naughtier stuff :)

Register for Secret Santa and get your freebies right here :)

See that lovely arch? A nice casual seat for two friends who want to hang out :)

That dark red throne is spankingly good... *ahem*

Hang out with the reindeer while you drink your cocoa :)

This is a great place to contemplate your list of demands for the fat man :)

Sorta pretty and romantic at midnight... try sunrise and sunset too :)

What are you waiting for? Come play!!!

So, again, to save you scrolling up... it's right here... Just click this twice

And if you're looking for someone to blame, that would be me :)

Happy Holly Days!!

18 December, 2011

Twisted Fairy Tales Party

We had a great time at the Twisted Fairy Tales Party... I will leave it to others to recount the sandpaper incident and the less said about the unicorn the better.  Perhaps if you recognise any of the folks in these gorgeous pics, courtesy of Duchess Campy, you might persuade them to tell you? *grins*

15 December, 2011

Brilliant Barnyard Barmery

There was bull riding, linedancing (with and without cows), cattle prodding... can you spot the theme yet? Yes, it was the VT and Leashed Barnyard Party.  Duchess Campy and Squishy won the Best in Barnyard Costume prizes and will both receive the Leashed HUD as soon as it's ready.

DJ Tabby played a blistering good set as ever, kicking off her regular Wednesday sets (yes folks, every Wednesday from now on) in grand style.  Have a look at the pics to see for yourself what went on (remember to click to see full size) - these pics are courtesy of Squishy Paine:

14 December, 2011

We've got the Mooooo-OOOO-oooooves!!!!

This is why you HAVE to come join us at the Barnyard party, it's going to be a riot of silliness!!!

Dances, Animal Impressions, DJ Tabby, Leashed sponsoring the competition, silliness, freebies... do NOT miss this one... 1 till 3pm SL time TODAY in the gardens :)

12 December, 2011

'Ear, 'Ear, What's all the Noise About?

For those of you not reading posters in circle, you will be unaware of the forthcoming Open Mic auditions at the Barnyard Party in ONLY TWO DAYS!!!!!   What's it all about you ask?  Well, I caught up with Sandra Kirkland of Leashed to find out more about her and to get to the bottom of her pressing need for animal impersonations!!!

Eve Terr spoke with
Sandra Kirkland
Owner and co-creator of Leashed

How long have you been in SL? 
Six years... although this isn't the first me in the rodeo, if you're checking my profile. I've suffered from altitis (too many alts). They are all nice little guinea pigs for when we need to test scripts now though! This me is like 3.5 years old.

What was the SL experience that made you suddenly "get it"? 
I'm not sure it was just one experience, but I've made some fabulous friends here. We've grown to share our 'first' lives together as well. I'm closer to them than most people in my real world. They've supported my creations from the first bulky couch I made to tampon ear plugs... they get me for me... love 'em! I met Naomi, who lives and works on our sim, within my first month in SL. Had I not met her I would have quit within that next month, I'm sure. I blame her for so many things now.

How long have you been making things/ in business?
Just short of 6 years now. All my alts have always had businesses. I've built furniture, owned malls, clubs, land rentals, roleplay sims... Some of that all at once. I was attracted to SL because it gave me another creative outlet. The beast and I work well together as a team. He's been part of it all with me since the day I met him almost 5 years ago.

What made you start building?
I had no money and the freebie stuff just didn't do it for me.

How many goes did it take before your first item was good enough to show anyone? 
My first couch set did very well. It was my first ever attempt at a build and ended up keeping it. I built it for a castle I was living in... I sold it for about 4 years fairly consistently. I wasn't happy with the pose scripts and lack of sculpts on it so I took it off the market, but occasionally that alt will get an IM asking if it's still for sale, can they get another chair etc. Of course she just passes them out now, it's very dated.

Looking back, how do you feel about your early work now?
Well I started before flex prims, sculpt maps, knew how to make my own textures, and was using freebie animations... so NOW I think it's horrible. But given the resources I had available,  I'm still fairly proud of what I did with it.

What RL designers influence your work? 
The kinky stuff now?,, and oh and CB3000 of course (I liked his real one so much, I had the beast make me one for his avatar)... sorry I don't know designer names, but I could spend days shopping at any of those places. The rest of it just falls out of my head. We tend to create things we use in the real world.... and some that we would like to! The writings started as fun for a friend and once I got started I ended up with a wall full. I just love helping people mark others... so those are just more of my ramblings, but on skin.
 My vanilla side and the few furniture things I've created... well I have always enjoyed the clean lines of Gustav Stickley's Mission furniture, so I have that in the shop... and then some modern Ikea inspired stuffs.

Show me the first thing you ever made please?
Not the Original but pretty damn close!

Show me the BEST thing you ever made please?

 I'm sorry it may not be the most complex, but I just can't look at that without laughing my ass off!

I guess you mean the most impressive overall, and that would be the Leashed HUD system

we are releasing soon. We've had such a great time coming up with all the 'stuff' that can go into it! Yes, my little tampon ear plugs will be an option. C'mon, tell me that doesn't make you giggle! I'm laughing now typing!  Few examples of some of the add-ons...

... it also has a few other things we haven't seen before in SL Femdom.

The beast scripts whatever is in my head. I direct and help build little things and he makes them work the way I want. And yes he has to modify over and over again to get it the way I want it. Then again, there are those times that after 2 months of work I say "You know, I think the way you originally did it is best!" Well that's just fun for fun sake!

Show me the latest thing you ever made please? 
It would be one of the add-ons for the HUD above. We are working on so many of them at once that I really couldn't say which was the latest.

What was your biggest SL fashion mistake? 
Letting the beast dress me. He logs in on my avatar to adjust scripts and work. Sometimes I just don't know what I'm going to log into! But there is usually some sort of latex involved or ass cheek to be seen. He's a funny little fuzzy thing! But I could work any street, any time after the beast has been in my skin!

Tell me something about you that no-one would ever suspect to be true. 
I prefer cheese over chocolate 29 days a month. I have references.

What are you aiming for when you design - what are your minimum standards? 
Would we use it? Would it be realistic? As I type this, the beast is adjusting a silk scarf blindfold because I think the knot is too big. I wouldn't use it as it is and I thought the HUD needed a silk scarf option. The furniture we made were because I didn't like the designs already available or the poses in the good designs or the scripts were too heavy. Can have really amazing items to look at but if no one can move around you, what's the point?

What's the one thing that makes you unique, sets you apart from everyone else? 
You might have to ask my friends that one. The beast calls me wicked sweet, but I'm sure I can't be the only one like that... actually there it is, that's it... my beast. No one else will ever get him, he's all mine and he's my balance. We are not equals, but we are separate parts of a whole. I'm very easy to wind up and he's about the only thing that can calm me down... well, the beast or a nice shot of tequila. Having my beast keeps me out of AA.

What would you like you current (or next) partner/Mistress/Sub to know about you that is really, really important?
 He knows me better than I know myself most days, for that he should know that there are no other options for me. He's my beast... there is no other, nor will there ever be. We've been together in SL almost 5 years now, RL for 4 (between two continents and intend to remedy that and save some airfare soon). Yeah, it's all good. We love each other anyway. I don't trust easy, he's worked hard to earn it. He's stuck with me now!

What would you like to say to your last partner/Mistress/Sub?
Fuck off prick, you owe me a lot of money! haha... too much?

What didn't I already ask you that I should have? 
When's the HUD available and can you try it out? Well it's in beta right now... I can't promise dates, but the beta rounds are at a max of 7 days. So we are hoping that in the next couple weeks (as of 11-21-11) to have it out and about. And we will have a demo HUD available in the shop... stop on by!  We're hoping to do a few pre-parties and I have a contest I want to run and I'm pretty excited about. I'd like to have a couple of 'voices of Leashed' with a contest that subs can enter certain sounds to be used in the HUD. The puppy hood needs a manpuppy bark... the piggy hood needs a manpig oink and squeal! I could have the beast do them with his sexy accent, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to hear all the entries! I think it will be fun, but I'm easily amused.

So, there you have it... heaps of fun!! And now you know all about the Open Mic auditions on Wednesday - in the Gardens at VT 1 till 3 pm, ably compered and DJed by the lovely Tabby.  See you there :)