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17 November, 2010

VT Domme Auction - repost

Currently under way in the Velvet Thorn is the VT Domme auction. Bidding is currently under-way and will finish 2pm SLT on Saturday 20th November.

Some of the most exciting, sexy and beautiful ladies of Velvet Thorn are helping to raise money for the sim by auctioning their time off to some lucky submissive.

This happens only twice a year and all proceeds go to the Velvet Thorn to help with the upkeep and Sim expenses. To support The Velvet Thorn, these Mistresses are auctioning a few hours of their time to the lucky winners.

Bidding is extremely simple and painless, so get over to VT and get your lindens out. Use this slurl to get you to VT.

When you land , turn around and look for the HUGE X (yes X does mark the spot)

Wander over .. thats simple too .. just walk left foot, right foot and repeat until you arrive infront of the boards

Have a good look at the ladies photographs, wiping any drool from your chin in the process.

Click the big Gold coloured prim (seen in the middle of the above picture) to get a notecard about the auction, which also carries individual cards from each of the ladies with personal details of themselves, their interests and their photograph (I collected a few photos myself when visiting)

To bid, simply just right click the board and pay your bid to the board, if you are unlucky enough to be outbid, your Lindens will be returned and you can post haste head down to the sim again and rebid on the Lady of your dreams

Short of Cash this month ?
There is a small "needy sub" collection where a central pot of money can be used to help truely needy and poor subs with financial assistance on their bids. If you feel you wish to try for help on your bid, contact remus wilbur in world. That's remus in the picture below

A little "tied up" for back talking to her mistress..

If you have a few spare lindens yourself there are some large black pins (also shown in the picture above) around the sim where donations can be added to this pool to help spice up the auction.

The small print

* The lucky winners will have the honour of serving their selected Domme as she sees fit.
* Please remember that the ladies are being auctioned as Dominants and will, as always at VT, be in charge of your time together.

* Please do not bid if you are not submissive or willing to submit.

* Bidders must be prepared to submit to the Domme they win. Or offer up a suitable sex submissive to amuse the Domme
* The time spent varies with a minimum of two hours, beyond that at Her discretion.