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07 October, 2010

Did you know the VT play Areas are out again ??

Did you miss the group Notice about the play areas ?.. If you did shame on you, and for punishment administer 6 spanks to yourself right now.

Access to all the play areas is from the Teleport board in the Welcome Area. Clicking on the signs opens up the familiar SL Map with the relevant play area indicated, simply clicking on the teleport button will take you on your journey

Lets head off to the first area .. The Girly Dungeon.

As you can see its a bright pink and well stocked with play toys. An interesting snippet of VT fact is that this was Mistress's Stars first ever play room area build and has been part of VT on and off since the early days

If pink is not your favourite colour, we have the Scary Dungeon as well. When you land you see a couple of cages off to the left and the main building. Using the ladder you can climb onto the roof where there is a secret dance floor.. Fantastic idea .. Dance a little followed by a little light bondage and a good whipping then lock the sub away for next time

Entering the main building, I spotted a lovely screen with one of my favourite ladies on it .. Betty Paige, sadly missed by all. But my spirits soon pick up as I spot the very well stocked multi room dungeon.

I really love this room with its matching black and white furniture.. so easy to keep clean and tidy and does not stain ;)
The last room is to the left and is equipped with a dance pole, a few bondage toys, the bedroom and the cutest little Stone walled Dungeon behind that sliding door ..
We will continue the photo wander about the play areas over the next few days, why not start your exploration and have fun.. Remember to Play Safe and always always .. have fun here at VT

Hugs Duchess Dita