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06 August, 2010

International FemDom Day - Fashion Show Pics

I was sent some great pictures from Attica and Kornet which they took during the fashion show and have added them to the Velvet Thorn Flickr page

If tags work :) you can also get to them on my Flickr Page

Here are a few to get you interested..............................

Star looking stunning
Mistress Z as Cleopatra
Mistress Jaidyn upholding the law
Mistress Londa and Caveman Shabtay

03 August, 2010

International FemDom Day - Fashion Show - Thanks to the Sponsors and the Volunteer Models

Apologies for the delay, I literally "ran" from organising the Fashion Show organisation to jump on a plane and fly off for a well earned RL Holiday.

The Fashion Show was a great success and a fitting start to the amazing IFD weekend. We elected to set ourselves a challenge for the show and set a target to show how glamour and diversity of fashion styles can still exist in a FemDom lifestyle.

I would like to thank the kind sponsors of the middle section of the Fashion show, who kindly donated various outfits.

Sascha Frangilli from Sasha's Design
Nicky Ree from Nicky Ree Designs
Raven Pennyfeather from House of Rfye
Swaffette Firefly from SF Designs
Prynce Llewellyn from SubVersion
Marinas Arai from Legend
Gemini Galatea representing Yelmer Pfeffer from AlphaMale
Kyrah Abattoir from KDC
Latexania Valeska from LaVa
ALV Rau from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Al Vatars
Campanula Aeon from Campalicous
Cathiee McMillan from Beach Bums
Betty Doyle from Ingenue

Also a huge thanks to the ladies of The Femdom Community in SL : MsX Shackle, Ginette Pinazzo, Delores Beaumont, LaFemme Meredith, Pheonixx Fulham, Silence Laryukov, Chantall Congrejo, Lizbeth Nimbus and StarSong Bright for showing us their grace and glamour as well as their Domina sides

And also to the Models :
Londa Serupta dressed as a traditional all Black Latex Catsuited Domina with her boy Substeve CissiSub in Pouch and leather straps, bare feet

Mistress Zadark dressed as Cleopatra with her sub and partner Kornet Kenyon dressed as Anthony

Our Gorgeous Snow Queen Brie Knoller and her protector Caveman Shabtay

Kerry Karsin in a lovely Victorian gown and her Maid sissymaid beverly

Police Officer Jaidyn Lacourte showed us all, especially deric Sands, that crime does not pay

Indigo Alchemi took her own submissive Geoff Pexington out for a days boating on the river

Mistress Zadark and Kornet Kenyon raised the temperatures on the beach

Jaidyn Lacourte and deric Sands, picnic'd the afternoon away

Mistress Zadark, radiated Corporate power as our CEO, assisted by her PA, Kornet Kenyon

And finally Indigo Alchemi and Geoff Pexington sparkled as they danced the night away in classic formal wear