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29 June, 2010

Pony Girl Dressage : Blending of SL and RL

All those in Real Life who have ever owned, ridden or been any where near a horse will know they are generally stubborn, clumsy and and intractable. Those of us in any FemDom community RL or SL will immediately see the similarity with many submissives. Imagine then taking a submissive pony girl and entering a Dressage competition.

Dressage is a French term loosely translated as "training"and is competitive horse training. Its sole purpose is to develop a horse's athletic ability, pose, looks and willingness to perform. A well trained good Dressage pony will show exact, effortless and smooth responses to a skilled rider's guidance by flawlessly performing the requested movement while the riders remains relaxed, graceful and effortlessly in control. The rider displays their horses' training through the performance of "tests" of prescribed series of movements within a standard arena. Judges evaluate and score each movement on the basis of an objective standard appropriate to the level of the test.

Our own Duchess Raffila Millgrove has most kindly and graciously allowed me to write about a little of her "real life" self and her real life ponygirl (Pippa) and how all their hard training together allowed them in their first ever competition to achieve a landslide set of wins in the First Annual Los Angeles Pony-Critter Jamboree. Raffi and Pippa competed in five events taking first place in 3 dressage events, a second place in Agility and a third place in presentation. Pippa then proudly was awarded Grand Champion Pony. Congratulations to the both from all at VT.

Raffi and Pippa's Freestyle Dressage Routine on YouTube

Raffi has been interested in SL Ponygirls for over two years now and her SL sub (Mylene) is a pony for Raffi in SL.
In SL Raffi and Mylene have learnt how to train and expanded that knowledge into Raffi's RL and her work with Pippa.

Bath Time for Mylene after a hard days training.

Raffi says the although for some, ponyplay could be seen as a light hearted possibly "silly play", that within her RL relationship with Pippa it has created a deeper much more dynamic bond that truly holds them together as one Horse/Rider.

If your interested in finding a new use for that riding crop gathering dust in your inventory, why not contact Raffi in SL as she has offered to provide help and guidance to anyone interested in getting started in SL pony play as either a pony or a trainer.

Rafi gave me permission to include the following beautiful photographs of her and Pippa at the show.

Credit for the above picture is to Liquiderotica

Juts look at all their Rosettes .. Well Done again Ladies. An amazing result for you both.

28 June, 2010



The date July 24th was chosen as the date for International Femdom Day as a day for celebrating dominant women – 7/24 - seven days a week and 24 hours a day. There are real life celebrations going on from St. Louis and New York to Berlin and beyond. The Femdom Community in SL group is bringing the whole event virtual for those who do not have the opportunity for a RL venue.

We will be hosting a wide variety of events, workshops and exhibitions on a dedicated sim from Friday 23 July through Sunday 25 July. Further details will become available on our website as they are finalized:


In honor of celebrating women we will be raising funds for Pro Mujer ( ) as we have done for our previous group events. We have chosen Pro Mujer because they are not a simple charity; they empower women by offering education, healthcare and micro-loan programs. Pro Mujer encourages women to develop their full potential, claim their basic human rights, and access services and resources in their communities. If you are not familiar with this wonderful organization we encourage you to have a look at their website and learn more.