The Velvet Thorn Femdom Community

We are a lighthearted femdom community where we just don't take ourselves too seriously. It's a safe place to explore virtual sexuality, BDSM, femdom / female dominance and male submission. Be sure to read the rules and then come visit us in world!

23 June, 2010

The Femdom Community in SL - Update

There has been a bit of confusion over the changes being made in the previous Femdom Network. The original Femdom Network members have  become The Femdom Community in SL and we aren’t looking back! We are strongly focused on continuing to bring you the best femdom experiences in all of Second Life! To this end, we would like to welcome Future Femdom and The Velvet Crossing back into the fold.

Our Sister Femdoms

Domaine la Fignonne
Founded February 2009
MaƮtresse Mignonne Mureaux
MaƮtresse LaFemme Meredith

A small but magnificent FemDom where a home is provided for anyone with an interest in BDSM dominated by Ladies. There are are different theme area's where you can chat, explore and make your kinky dreams and fantasies come true. Visit us at our new island and enjoy the comfortable, cozy and elegant atmosphere

Future Femdom
Founded June 2008
by Boot Goddess Gina aka Ginette Pinazzo

This is a city founded on the living principles of Societal Femdom, where all men are bred as slaves for the pleasure and amusement of the entire Matriarchy. To evolve humanity and save the future, all of Woman must come together to work, play, love and live. The part that man plays is that of worshiper. Men are bred here to worship All Woman.

The Mistresses
Founded July 2008
Madame Lizbeth Nimbus

The Mistresses is a high quality FemDom house that provides a place for Female Dominants and male only submissives. Come and visit our beautiful Moroccan style Castle and meet some of our Real Life Dominants.

The Rising Phoenix
Founded September 2007
Pheonixx Fulham
Silence Laryukov

The Rising Phoenix is a Femdom sim where Mistresses and Submissives can come relax and enjoy time away from their real life and it's stresses. We pride ourselves on our warm and welcoming nature, whether you are a beginner or a veteran to the world of D/s and or Second Life.

The Velvet Crossing
Reborn June 2009 as The Velvet Crossing
Chantall Congrejo
Founded January 2008 as The Velvet Attic

Do you enjoy crossdressing the man in your second life? Aggressively Femme sim. Adult play area and hang out. Females are completely in charge. Forced feminization, foot fetish, cross dressing and sissification in a Femdom setting.

The Velvet Thorn
Founded January 2008
by StarSong Bright

The Velvet Thorn Femdom is a real community where we don't take ourselves too seriously. VT is a lighthearted place for people with similar Domme/submissive (D/s) FemDom interests come to relax, some to disassociate from RL and for others to supplement it. We are a diverse group of individuals from all over the world seeking a safe nonjudgmental place to explore ourselves and others, learn more about D/s, FemDom and sexuality (virtual and real). We pride ourselves on the easygoing nature of the sim and the people who call it home and we invite you to join us! Try and forget your problems, leave your troubles and inhibitions behind and relax and enjoy the VT in the spirit it was created.

Femdom owners in the group with "Emeritus" status

MsX Shackle - who founded the House of X, the oldest and most respected of Second Life's femdoms. Ms. Shackle is semi-retired but you never know when she will rise again.

Delores Beaumont - who co-founded Red's Hot House, and has gone on to create awesome femdom with The Verandah and Beaumont Estates. We expect to see something fresh and interesting this fall from Ms. Beaumont, stay tuned!

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Watch this space for great things to come!

Femdom Community in SL - Logo Competition

We are, even more so, strongly focused on continuing to bring you the best femdom experiences in all of Second Life!

As part of the launch of the new Community group Star Blogged about, we have announced a LOGO CONTEST

Contest ends 9 July @ NOON SLT

First Prize: L$ 5000 - and there will be additional prizes for honorable mentions

Entries should be submitted DIRECTLY to LaFemme Meredith in world

  • full perm texture (so that we are able to display them properly for judging)
  • 1024 x 1024 in size

  • Give a sense of the Femdom Community in SL.
  • Create a recognizable symbol to represent the Femdom Community in SL group.
  • The logo will need to be used for event posters, info signs, web banners, and so on, so flexibility is key.
  • Be able to be resized from large to quite small without too much distortion. So not *too fussy* or overly detailed.
  • It IS acceptable to submit a full fledged logo and a simpler/smaller but easily recognizable version. This is NOT required but can be considered.
Find out more about the community at their blog :

I'll be monitoring the blog and linking back to interesting posts

Duchess Laura's Discussion -

Duchess Laura held another fun and lively discussion on 21st June as part of the ongoing "Foundations of FemDom" series.

As Laura is off on a well deserved RL vacation for the next 4 weeks, her classes will be suspended until her return. Check the calendar and group notices for the restart announcement.