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17 June, 2010

Classes and Dances Going Strong at VT!

WOW! Settling in the new digs at VT has been so easy. The new classroom was used on Tuesday with a lively discussion with Ms Kadden Yue. Her class discussions have always drawn a crowd but this one had at one point when I counted was 26 AV's sitting in the room.

"What does serving mean to you? What can you do in SL to show service? SHOW UP_ GIVE YOUR TIME_ACTIVE LISTENING_PROVIDE FEEDBACK IN TEXT TO SHOW YOU ARE LISTENING_READ ALL THE WORDS IN TEXT_{communication is the key}"

Then the discussion turned to respecting each others rl and that the Mistress has just as much responsibility in the relationship as the sub! So Communication and Reciprocity were the key words of the hour. The hour was over before we knew it. Cannot wait till next week!!

A Big Thank You to Sierrah Sciarri for making a record of the highlights of the class for me.

Now I would like to welcome Yvana Zadark as our newest instructor at VT. Her thing is building and she has a great approach. She plans classes to be informal and will focus on the learning aspect of building such as textures, prim torture, attachments, or sculpties rather than "today we build a lamp" kinda of class. Every other Weds 6pm SLT on the platform above the classroom
is the place to be for VT builders.

Please let us and the instructors know what you thought of the class and what you would like to see in the future!

Moondancer Sandalwood debuted as DJ of our Mid-Week answer to hump day with Mid-Week Madness! So Well it finally broke up 12 hours plus later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next Weds will be a Beach party theme. But before that we have Friday night welcoming back Exxx with a Sexy Dr and Nurses theme, Sat is tried and true Leather and Lace with the return of Victoranna, then Sun we have the addition of RaMinah spinning to the 80's

Look for more posts daily reporting on the classes and events. Comments welcomed. Ms. M.E.

16 June, 2010

Shopping Landmarks for This weeks Themed Parties at VT

For those planning to attend this weeks themed events and struggling to find the right outfit, Mistress ME went searching and has found the following which may help

Various Costume places which will have possibilities for all events
Bare Rose
Desires Mall
Yay Fancy Dress

Midweek Madness
The Dom Shop

Sexy Doctors & Nurses
Scrubs Medical
Kikai Shop
VW Meds

Leather & Lace
No.9 Nylons (As Worn by Duchess Dita)
Straps - Mens Leather and Latex

Angel Dessous

80's Party
Derp - Leg Warmers
MediaPark - Disco Clothing

If you have anyother suggestions .. comment back to the blog post.

While your here why not spend time bookmarking the blog and reading some of the old posts ??

Hugs Dita

15 June, 2010

Calender Reminder

Reminder to folk that VT has a Calendar which is lovingly kept up to date by Mistress ME. The calender is available either to the side of the Blog posts (points to the right ) or on the webpage or inworld around the Sim. Remember that all times quoted in the calender are in SLT time

For instance this week we have :

TUES 12 Noon - discussion with Miss Kadden and Miss ME. This will be a "kickoff" discussion on the subjects you would all like to see being covered in the future with Ms Kadden.

WEDS 6pm - The first lesson with VT's New Building Instructor Yvana Zardark.. come learn how to make more than half metre plywood cubes.

THURS 5am - The continued Miss Laura will continue her open discussion classes based around the theme of "The Foundations of FemDom" This will be her last class before she goes on a well deserved vacation.. They will resume upon her return

FRIDAY 6pm to 730 - Miss EXXX is back in the VT Dance club (TheEdge) with a themed Sexy Doctors and Nurses party .. Watch inworld and on this blog for some suggestions of suitable shopping LM's for costumes

SATURDAY 1PM - Our Saturday Evening dance will be a Leather and Lace Theme, this will be held in "TheEdge"

SUNDAY 11:30 am - High Five Dice game for those feeling lucky

SUNDAY 1 to 3 Pm - Mistress RaMinah will DJ a 80's theme party in "TheEdge"