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27 May, 2010

Well .. WOW .. have you seen it yet .. the new SIM ?

Star and Infiniti are in the closing stages of the Sim remodelling and we back open for fun and games again.. Get yourselves over here and see the AMAZING work these two ladies have created.

I'd like to request everyone sends them both a "Thank You" message

26 May, 2010

Velvet Thorn Remodelling starts

Work has started ..

I'll just point you all across to the flickr page for the pictures save posting them everywhere

Either join us on the roof at Blacks place, in the VT Chat group in SL, in this blog or on Flickr

23 May, 2010

BIG Changes at Velvet Thorn ....

As many of you are aware, Star and Infiniti started building a new play area for us all within the Velvet Thorn Sim on the "Femdom" Sim. However during the build work, the ladies numerous times encountered such terrible lag that building became impossible. We all know that the sim does seem to suffer from "extra" lag and despite many people having searched and delving into every possible know cause, no one has been able to pinpoint and eliminate the monster.

Therefore Star made the decision that the VT build needed to start afresh and all old "suspect" prims need sending the way of the delete button. I am therefore pleased to blog that we are all soon to benefit from an all new VT experience. Star and Infinitis' goal for the new build was to employ every technique they know to minimise lag, this will involve reduced use of MegaPrims, less use of Alpha textures (such as the glass in the store area, which many merchants had requested to be removed). The new Mall Area will be smaller thus allowing more area to be available for other things, but still offer the same number of stores and merchants. The shopping mall layout has been simplified and offers shoppers a "Miami like" feel which visually benefits from the water and board-walk areas around it.

Landing will no longer be in a Fountain (great news for my shoes) and will be a shorter walk to the clubhouse (great news for you shackled subs). At the landing will be feature clocktower hosting the sim rules and the Duchess page board. Then you will have a decision to head right to the clubhouse or left to the shopping area.

The clubhouse chat area gets a complete make over and I have to say I love it, it keeps the same intimate feel of the old one, but still open and airy with amazing views over water (makes note to self to check if subbies float) to the new mall area and includes a view of a fantastic San Francisco like bridge. We will be getting new chairs and when our hard working builders get a chance to draw breath and get the building dust out from under their fingernails (hint hint boys .. manicure and pedicure time !) rumour has it we may get multiple poses. We also will be getting some very nice sofas for a lazy afternoon lounge about.

We also get a new cafe area which will host the "Sub Boards". These will be getting a makeover too and VT will be changing the way subs can put their details up for the attention of a Mistress. More details later.

One of the new places I absolutely adore is a completely never seen before dance club built by Infiniti. When I saw this I immediately fell in love with the texturing and design and know I'll be spending many an hour relaxing on that dance floor. Make sure you check out the little things like the two statues/lights outside the main door.

While I am mentioning the detail, I implore you to spend time looking at the quality and just fantastic design and build work that Star and Infiniti have given us in this build. When you get a chance, make sure you thank these ladies for the environment they have created and given us. I'll start .. Thank you ladies.

There are LOTS and LOTS of other plans for the new build and I'll cover these and add photo's and more detailed descriptions when we know more and there is less building dust around.

So "When ? " I hear you all ask ...

Current plan is that by 11pm SLT time on the 25th May, Star will have requested all the Merchants in the old Mall pick up their items. At 11pm Star will close the Old and "New" Sims, for hopefully no more than six hours, during which the removal company trucks in the cardboard boxes and bubblewrap and the old areas on FemDom get boxed up and moved to the new Sim and build. Star, Infiniti and a few helpers will then work tirelessly on the final polish and tidy up

Once all is well, Star will open the new sim and we can all marvel at the new fantastic work. We plan to have a GRAND reopening on the 28th (so make a note in your diaries). Also remus will be planning, organising and letting us all know about a Sim wide Treasue hunt which will run from 28th to 31st, to encourage us ALL to explore the new place.

Star then plans to FULLY empty the old FemDom sim and therefore banish the lag monster finally once and for all, so IF you have prims on FemDom please please Consider picking them up to help Stars huge job of tidying up. If you get things returned to you during the tidyup now you know why.