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28 April, 2010

A long overdue update

Greetings readers .. been a few weeks since I posted a note, some intended, some not.. I had a bit of a work / holiday two weeks off on the west coast of the USA which was extended (unintentionally) by Mother Nature and a slight tantrum she threw via Mount Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland. Mother nature reminded us humans of our fragility and dependance on machines and technology and removed a simple act of flying from our lives for a few days. Our world fell apart .. Airlines stopped flying and I was "stuck".

Whilst there I saw these pictures in the USA news Link1 Link2 which IMO show the beauty of Mother Natures artwork and the fragility of us humans.. My "plight" of being "stuck" was put into start contrast with those people in Iceland directly affected..

It got me thinking, Mother Nature is indeed female and is indeed dominant... For instance ... If a volcano was male, the spurting ash would have lasted a few seconds and not have been repeatable for some time and then only after another short and uneventful build up .. as a female volcano "eruption" , it lasted for days and built in intensity a number of times ;)

I am now back in the UK, normal service is returned and expect to see me around in SL as before. My plan to document the various areas on the SIM we call home have gone as most of the areas have gone ... to be replaced by a new and exciting area. As such my focus will be on telling you all about the new place, encouraging you to explore it

Hugs D