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We are a lighthearted femdom community where we just don't take ourselves too seriously. It's a safe place to explore virtual sexuality, BDSM, femdom / female dominance and male submission. Be sure to read the rules and then come visit us in world!

26 March, 2010

The Impromtu Emoting Competition - NSFW comes with an age warning :)

Today we had a impromptu Emoting competition in the Community area .. Various people donated to the prize which got to 8,000 lindens

Rules where simple. A subject was chosen and the contestants had a few mins to create a max 3 sentence emote on the subject

Round one - Subject was a response to Kitten Moonshadow : You have just stared at my tits when you have been corrected for it 3 times already today. I smack you right in your mouth and tell you to beg forgiveness.

First up Vaille Voom turns his head to the side with the force of the slap, a little drool dropping from his lip. "Oh...I...sorry!" he stammers, "I just zoned out! I wasn't lying!" he blurts. He angles his head forward, fixing his sulky stare on the floor as his cheeks redden from embarrasment and the distinct shape of a hand forn higher on his cheek.

Cosmo Fenwitch looks up to your eyes and says "what?" I was looking at yous dress. There seems to be lint on it.
Cosmo Fenwitch reaches out to brush it off.

Second up remus Wilber: looking up her face a look of total horror, the violence of the smack ringing the girls ears as the words descend around her ears, she can feel the walls of her world crumbeling as she realises Miss Kitten is angry with her. quickly falling to her hands and knees, the flagstones of the floor rough against her soft skin as she crawls quickly across the floor, protsrating near her feet. her voice coming out as little more than a whisper from between her full lips quietly begging the beautiful Dommes forgiveness for this sluts errors in judgment. "this poor girl is usually such a good girl Miss but your bueaty drained what little mind and goodsense she had and left her as naught but a gibbering heap of drool at your feet. please forgive her Miss, you knwo she will tear out her eyes and devour them herself before daring to upset you again"

(Breaks 3 sentence rule and incurred a -2 points penalty)

DaveWisc Price uses his lips to slowly open the buttons on the back of Miss Misterry's gown. Kissing each shoulder, than slowly kissing his way down her spine, finally pausing to kiss the small of her back, savoring her silken skin for a moment before resuming his path further downward....

Round 2 .. Infiniti : I walk into the clubhouse, drunk, and horny, looking to play. You are each aware os SSC, both RL and at VT, so its a very fine line ... approach me...

remus Wilber: Scoots quickly up behind Miss Infiniti, grasping her elbows in my hands to hold her steady as she stumbles about. Quietly so no one can see pressing soft gentle kisses to her throat as I whisper up how beautiful she looks tonight, my hand slowly sliding up her arms to wrap them infront of her, dragging mine around in a hug as I press her tight against me. Moving my lips up her throat leaving small lipstick marks as I suck in her lower lobe, pressing myself up against her as I push her hips back against me

Vaille Voom takes a few steps to intersect with Infiniti's path and clears his throat. "Are you okay, Miss?" he asks, his hands nervously fidgiting in front of him and his head tilted to one side in an failed attempt to look sympathetic. "If you need a hand to your chair, just yell." he says with a slightly impish grin, eyes fixed on her as she wends her way to her destination.

Thyamine Dyrssen watches as you stumble past, offering his bare muscular arm for support as he says hello, helping guide you to a chair as he slides down slowly in front of you to the cushion smiling up at you, 'Mmmm, having a good night so far Miss?'

Cosmo Fenwitch: Cosmo look around the clubhouse and sees what appears to be an attractive playful but slightly drunk chick. The kind he hoped to find tonight. Confident that his superb good looks will enable him to bag this chick he approaches her, unaware of her reputation as a powerful domme. After looking you over he says, in a deep voice, n “How you doing?”

Voting after 2 rounds Eliminated Cosmo ... (good try Cosmo, but strong competition from the others)

Round 3
FireEclipse Foxclaw: You have been watching me for hours in agony, at my will to do nothing or something... I just took off my clothes and told you to worship me.

Vaille Voom furrows his brow at the order, his mouth dropping open a little gormlessly as he formulates a response. "I...would...but..." he says, only just coming to grips with the forward nature of the request. "...I gotta handle something first." he fibs, standing and making a swift exit, chuckling to himself.

remus Wilber: Falling immediately to my knees before you as the glory of your beauty stuns me almost into insensibility. Hungrily licking my lips as I look up at your body, taking in every inch of your body as I slowly start licking my way up your leg, dragging my course tongue against the soft flesh as it gets higher and higher. Inhaling deeply as your musky scent fills my mind as I start lapping lightly at the sensitive flesh, pushing the tip of my tongue into every crevice before dragging myself up, covering your belly with soft loving kisses

Thyamine Dyrssen watches as you slip into nothing for that first time, kneeling and watching as warm bare skin and curves are slowly revealed, my eyes taking in your beauty as you turn back to me. Leaning into you slowly, gazing up at your face as you watch my reaction, my hands gliding up the outsides of your thighs softly, my lips leaning in to softly kiss your warm skin, my fingers teasing up further to your soft bare hips, pulling back to take in your sexy form again

Vaille being eliminated that round leaving remus and Thy

Last round to the challenge of Infiniti again : Infiniti Mirihi: I show up in one of the play areas, to find you touring the new play area... i'm wearing nothing but a habit and stockings. I say to you, "Let's play Bless me Sister, for I have sinned." Go on, confess...

First was remus Wilber: Giggling madly as I quickly change into a schoolgirls outfit sans panties, looking up with pure hunger in my eyes. Dropping a lil curtsey as I murmur “forgive me Sister, I have sinned mightely, I spent all day letting people peek up my skirt and teased them mercilessly by rubbing against them, she has been a very naughty girl”. Letting the skirt flip up just a shade to high as I bob another curtsey to her and move to my knees, bowing my head to await my just punishment, trying with difficulty to hide the excited grin on my face

Closely followed by Thyamine Dyrssen looks at you standing there, surprising me as I come around the corner, gorgeous and sensual, and so naughty looking in your outfit. Slowly sinking down to his knees as he takes you in, eyes slipping down over your bare skin, unable to help it as his gaze lingers. Trying not to stare where the soft skin meets the stockings, turning his eyes up to you 'Bless me sister, for I have sinned, and I seem to be unable to stop suddenly..'

Final Winner Thyamine Dyrssen, who became the proud owner of 8000 new shiney Linden Dollars

Thy donated 4000 to the sim fund (Thanks Thy) and kept the rest to go shopping for himself. Also many thanks to Sin Straff for the idea and organising it and to the 3 judges Infiniti Mirihi, FireEclipse Foxclaw and Kitten Moonshadow

Tour Part 4 .. Theatre and Velvet Lounge

Today we will continue the wander around Velvet Thorn Sim, calling at the Theatre and the Velvet Lounge. Outside the theatre you can stop off and grab your popcorn (and tickets of course) and if you have a wierd sense of humour like me smirk at the "Butter Kist Nuts" signs which if said in a UK voice sounds a lot worse than "peanuts in butter" .. oooops

Great textures on the popcorn machine and sweets counterInside the Theatre we grab the back row (as normal) and realise that its not film night .. so watch a blank screen while grabbing the pics. The cinema style seats are of course for the Dommes with lots of cushions for the subs watching the film
Outside the theatre is an area I would guess most miss .. a lovely hot tub and spa and the bridge over to Velvet Crossing . If you use the tub remember to turn it off after use.. need to keep Stars electricity bill down
Jumping a Teleport we head to the lounge and grab a quick dance while we grab the snaps. Some excellent fetish B&W photography on the walls. Here we have a look to the stage
More photography as we pan around clockwise
To the entrance and the bar area

I encourage folks to continue their exploration and visit these and the other places inside our wonderful sim.

24 March, 2010

Songs with BDSM Theme / Words / Videos :) A bit of fun

One of the subjects of chat in the Clubhouse today was about songs with a D/s feeling because of words or the video, here is a list which we came up with in about 10 mins.. In No Particular order or preference ..

Poison Originally Alice Cooper .. but Groove Coverage version is my favourite

Out of Control .. Pres George Bush and Tony Blair .. (Cant remember the Girl who sang it .. But I seem to remember it was the sister of one of the girls from Bananarama or something

Tie Me down .. AP Album

Love Me Tendor or Else .. AP Advert (Cheating I know.. just reminding you boys .. dont ever forget)

Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

Sweet about me Gabriella Cilmi

The Power is Mine, Lords of Acid

Falling in love is hard on the knees, Aerosmith

Possession, Sarah Mclachlan

Touch Myself, DiVynals

Freaky Girl, Shaggy

I am sure you all have more .. so lets share the ideas !

23 March, 2010

Chair and Stool Etiquette in the Clubhouse

Etiquette • noun the code of polite behaviour in a society

A break from the tour of the sim to pen a polite suggestion to all ... When leaving the Circle of chairs, stools and cushions in the club house, please consider stepping outside of the circle a few steps .. This way when you log back on with your settings as "My Last Location" you don't (a) land on someone's lap or (b) rez slowly with your backside in another's face :)

22 March, 2010

Continuing the Explore at VT .. Day3

"Good Morning Velvet Thorn !!!!"

Here we go continuing the tour around VT, This morning we look at 3 areas which help with the diversity here at Velvet Thorn. First up is the Learning Retreat, a simple sand box and build area, want to try your hand at half meter plywood cubes ? This is teh place to play.. However remember simple SandBox rules ... Dont rez hundreds and hundreds of prims, dont play with laggy scripts and TIDY UP after you..Quick Teleport away is the Lighthouse, not a heavily visited area, so I often use it if I need to chill and relax, maybe when I'm writing this blog or updating notecards etc. If you see me hanging around, say Hi however don't be upset if I don't instantly reply .. Probably busy somewhere Zooming back we see the light house and its area in its completeness

Last place for today is the Rumpus Game Room, fancy a flutter ? a game of skill ? Here's the place to come. Here we have A poker table, Greedy Table and a XX table. Don't want to chance those hard earned Lindens ? No problems there is a nice seating circle similar to the Clubhouse where folks can rest and watch the others chance their hand