The Velvet Thorn Femdom Community

We are a lighthearted femdom community where we just don't take ourselves too seriously. It's a safe place to explore virtual sexuality, BDSM, femdom / female dominance and male submission. Be sure to read the rules and then come visit us in world!

18 March, 2010

Around Velvet Thorn 2 - The walk from the Fountain

Continuing the blogs and pics around Velvet Thorn sim.. "Plop" you TelePort into the Sim in, as mentioned before, into the fountain.

I have a number of theories why this is, first is it cleans your feet from your travels through Second Life, washing away the dirt and drama from other sims. The second theory is related to birth as water is historically tied to birth, so landing in the fountain is a symbol of the travellers rebirth into the new world of Velvet Thorn and FemDom.

However part of me says its the sense of humour of Dommes who love to see every one walk into the sim with wet feet.

Turning to face west, the traveller sees in the distance the stunning ladies of Velvet Thorn and hurries as fast as their AO allows .. literally running passed some key discoveries on the path to the ClubhouseThis Photo trip we shall take our time and point out some possibly overlooked things. As we head across the bridge we see a red ball which is the group joiner.. if your not a member hit it and join, now you'll receive all the notices and posts of everything going on in the community

Soon after, look right .. yes its a functional library.. Clicking on the books gives you access to educational as well as fictional BDSM material. Take a few mins and have a read. To the left of the bookcase is a basket where, if you feel you have a spark to creating suitable Library material you can drop your masterpiece for possible inclusion to the Library. To the right are a couple of dispensers giving materials for Stars Building Workshop and the Prim Adjustment WorkshopTurning around is a welcome area, if your new to SL, here you can grab a few Freebies, clothes, skins, shapes as well as key BDSM items. Now you will start to feel more welcomed and part of our community.Continuing up the bridge is the Duchess "online and message" board. Here you see some of the Duchess's of Velvet Thorn. These Ladies are the senior staff members of Velvet Thorn. They help to run the sim and perform many functions such as holding events/discussions/teaching etc. Duchesses have the power to eject from the region and to ban either temporarily or permanently. VT Duchesses can invite new members and change group titles.

Turning back to the west.. you see heaven (or is it hell .. your choice) .. The clubhouse with some of the most beautiful, stunning and interesting ladies in SL.. Enjoy your stay

17 March, 2010

Around Velvet Thorn.. First Stop University

Visitors to Velvet Thorn land in the fountain (one day I'll work out why) and usually wander to where the green dots in mini map are ie "The Clubhouse". However I wonder how many then go onto explore the wonderful sim we have here. So here we have a series of Blogs entitled "Around the Sim" in a hope it may encourage people to explore and discover new areas. I'm not going to do this in any complex way, so its simply anti clockwise around the teleport board, however I will resist temptation and keep the shopping area to last.

So first stop .. Fem Dom University

It looks similar to the club house, open and airy with a large number of student chairs facing the front, if your late to class stand at the back and be prepared for suitable punishment. In the picture below notice to the right at the front is a"play checklist" dispenser. Worth grabbing a checklist and filling it in, if you have a partner already, fill it in together its fun discussing your kinks.

At the back of the class on the right side is a Velvet Thorn donation station, consider dropping a few lindens in as every one helps.

As always the teacher has the best view, not only of all the eager faces of students and subs in the class, but also across the sim to this particular time the St Patrick Days dance area.

Classes are offered regularly and Mistress Jovial currently has a couple of posters outside listing her next ones.. make sure you attend, they are every Saturday at 10:30 am SLT. These and other classes will be listed in group notices and the Event Calendars around the Sim.

And lastly I just had to sneak a pic of the teachers pose .. remember to bring a apple.

16 March, 2010

Intro and First Blog

Star and Infinity asked me to join the blogging team here at Velvet Thorn, in a moment of madness I said yes. Last time I wrote something similar to a Blog was back in my Secondary school where I edited the School Newspaper, back then I had a constant stream of exciting news, from school related happenings such as the latest "Hockey Scores" ,"Who was in Detention this week and why ?" to world challenging events like "Who was wearing last years shoes" and "Who had the shortest skirt" (that would have been either me or my best school friend Fiona, the short skirt award that is not last years shoes as that was "what's her name" .. any way I digress, which you need to get used to as I do it a lot).

So thinking carefully I realised life at Velvet Thorn is not that different. I will probably change the "detention report" to who got banned this week and as with all key life events the important things like "Who is Wearing last years Shoes" will stay.

Backing up a little .. Who am I and why am I here ? Some of you regulars may know me from the Velvet Thorn Community Area and around the sim. If you have met me you'll know I am yet another SL'fer who regrets trying to be clever with their name. Please call me Dita or Miss Dita and please drop the "Von", my name for those who don't twig is a play on Dita Von Teese, a lady who shines glamour and style around the fetish and burlesque world or RL. I'm around most UK day hours during the week, if you have never come in world to greet the regulars at that time I have to ask "why not ? .. your missing out on all the fun .. so come on get in world and come say hello". Shame on you .... please pay 1 linden to the sim fund as a punishment.

To answer my earlier question of why am I here ? A few months ago I took the deeply personal decision to uproot my dedication from another FemDom community and join Velvet Thorn as I suspected and have proven these last few weeks it to be a vibrant, fun, friendly and exciting community (that's you lot if your confused).

I am passionate about everything I do, this includes things as diverse as setting fire to yet something else to shopping around the Million SL stores and outlets to ensuring a peaceful, harmonious and friendly environment exists for all who visit Velvet Thorn. I'm here to help, help in answering peoples questions, help people have fun, help cause mayhem, help keep order and therefore blame the earlier mayhem on remus... ohh and defiantly help in shopping if any one needs it.

And for those wondering .. the award for wearing the ugliest shoes from last year goes to .. Why not come to the Welcome area and ask me ;)

Hugs to all at Velvet Thorn Dita