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01 March, 2010

Femdom Day 2010 March 6 - 7!

2nd Annual Convergence of Femdom Organisations in the World of Second LIfe

On March 6th and 7th, the 2nd Annual Femdom Day will be a gathering of prominent Femdom organisations in Second Life, designed to coincide with International Womens Day and to be a celebration of Empowerment, Education and Entertainment.

Last year, FemDom Day was an historic success, with attendance in the thousands and an impressive array of displays and events that spoke to the diversity of Femdom culture. This year, FD2010 will focus on a greater range of events, from the educational and inspirational to the entertaining and provocative.

Proceeds from FD2010 will benefit Pro Mujer, a global organisation that promotes and enables Women In Business throughout the world, through an innovative micro-loan and education program. Pro Mujer helps Women who, in turn, help their communities.

FemDom Day 2010 is produced by The Femdom Network, an active coalition of Second Life's influential and thought-leading Female-Led communities. FemNet produces many events throughout the year and works hard to maintain standards and promote Female-Led ideals, culture and society in the world of Second Life

Contact List
Group: The Femdom Network
Vendor Relations: Pheonixx Fulham and
Programming Director: Ginette Pinazzo
Marketing/Public Relations: Evangeline Eames
Staff Coordinator: Lizbeth Nimbus
Outside Donations: Delores Beaumont
Location Designer: Starsong Bright

Check the Femdom Network blog for updates and more info as the event approaches.