The Velvet Thorn Femdom Community

We are a lighthearted femdom community where we just don't take ourselves too seriously. It's a safe place to explore virtual sexuality, BDSM, femdom / female dominance and male submission. Be sure to read the rules and then come visit us in world!

17 November, 2010

VT Domme Auction - repost

Currently under way in the Velvet Thorn is the VT Domme auction. Bidding is currently under-way and will finish 2pm SLT on Saturday 20th November.

Some of the most exciting, sexy and beautiful ladies of Velvet Thorn are helping to raise money for the sim by auctioning their time off to some lucky submissive.

This happens only twice a year and all proceeds go to the Velvet Thorn to help with the upkeep and Sim expenses. To support The Velvet Thorn, these Mistresses are auctioning a few hours of their time to the lucky winners.

Bidding is extremely simple and painless, so get over to VT and get your lindens out. Use this slurl to get you to VT.

When you land , turn around and look for the HUGE X (yes X does mark the spot)

Wander over .. thats simple too .. just walk left foot, right foot and repeat until you arrive infront of the boards

Have a good look at the ladies photographs, wiping any drool from your chin in the process.

Click the big Gold coloured prim (seen in the middle of the above picture) to get a notecard about the auction, which also carries individual cards from each of the ladies with personal details of themselves, their interests and their photograph (I collected a few photos myself when visiting)

To bid, simply just right click the board and pay your bid to the board, if you are unlucky enough to be outbid, your Lindens will be returned and you can post haste head down to the sim again and rebid on the Lady of your dreams

Short of Cash this month ?
There is a small "needy sub" collection where a central pot of money can be used to help truely needy and poor subs with financial assistance on their bids. If you feel you wish to try for help on your bid, contact remus wilbur in world. That's remus in the picture below

A little "tied up" for back talking to her mistress..

If you have a few spare lindens yourself there are some large black pins (also shown in the picture above) around the sim where donations can be added to this pool to help spice up the auction.

The small print

* The lucky winners will have the honour of serving their selected Domme as she sees fit.
* Please remember that the ladies are being auctioned as Dominants and will, as always at VT, be in charge of your time together.

* Please do not bid if you are not submissive or willing to submit.

* Bidders must be prepared to submit to the Domme they win. Or offer up a suitable sex submissive to amuse the Domme
* The time spent varies with a minimum of two hours, beyond that at Her discretion.

11 November, 2010

The Velvet Thorn Auction on Now!

Come check out our thirteen lovely subbies who are being auctioned off in The Velvet Thorn's semiannual fundraising auction to benefit The Velvet Thorn. Come join in the fun and support the femdom you spend so much of your SL in! Subbie auction ends Saturday, 13 November, so hurry on down and place your bids!

30 October, 2010

Halloween is Here!

Head on over to the dedicated sim and let's get partying! Duchess Attica's Awesome Fun Faire is there and our own DJ Squishy is kicking off the all-day party!

07 October, 2010

Did you know the VT play Areas are out again ??

Did you miss the group Notice about the play areas ?.. If you did shame on you, and for punishment administer 6 spanks to yourself right now.

Access to all the play areas is from the Teleport board in the Welcome Area. Clicking on the signs opens up the familiar SL Map with the relevant play area indicated, simply clicking on the teleport button will take you on your journey

Lets head off to the first area .. The Girly Dungeon.

As you can see its a bright pink and well stocked with play toys. An interesting snippet of VT fact is that this was Mistress's Stars first ever play room area build and has been part of VT on and off since the early days

If pink is not your favourite colour, we have the Scary Dungeon as well. When you land you see a couple of cages off to the left and the main building. Using the ladder you can climb onto the roof where there is a secret dance floor.. Fantastic idea .. Dance a little followed by a little light bondage and a good whipping then lock the sub away for next time

Entering the main building, I spotted a lovely screen with one of my favourite ladies on it .. Betty Paige, sadly missed by all. But my spirits soon pick up as I spot the very well stocked multi room dungeon.

I really love this room with its matching black and white furniture.. so easy to keep clean and tidy and does not stain ;)
The last room is to the left and is equipped with a dance pole, a few bondage toys, the bedroom and the cutest little Stone walled Dungeon behind that sliding door ..
We will continue the photo wander about the play areas over the next few days, why not start your exploration and have fun.. Remember to Play Safe and always always .. have fun here at VT

Hugs Duchess Dita

01 October, 2010

Halloween is Coming!

Hey everyone! Halloween is just around the corner. Do you have ideas for things you'd like to do for Halloween in femdom? Just send me an email, NC or shout. I'd love to hear your ideas.

16 September, 2010

Weekend is Here!

Visit The Velvet Thorn's Calendar at anytime to get the latest scheduled events.

There's a lot going on this weekend: Dances, Classes, Discussions, and a MUNCH on Saturday.

Thursday, September 16 @ 12:00pm
Domme only discussion with StarSong

Thursday, September 16 @ 5:30pm (1:30 AM England)
Devils & Angels Dance with DJ Kitty Kitty Chrissie Gedales and Anika

Friday, September 17 @ 12:00pm
Introduction to VT and Femdom with StarSong

Friday, September 17 @ 6:00pm (2AM England)
Dance w/ DJ Exxx and Anika

Saturday, September 18 @ 12:00pm
MUNCH hosted by StarSong

Sunday, September 19 @ 2:00PM SL (10PM England)
Formal Wear Dance with Squishy

Sunday, September 19 @ 7:00pm
Dance w/ RaMinah (3AM GMT)

24 August, 2010

Fun & Games!

Like to play board games? Come visit the Velvet Thorn's new Game Room! We have Can't Stop, On a Roll, High 5, Greedy, Greedy and arcade games!

21 August, 2010

Party! Party! PaaaarTAAAAY!

Come join the fun in world at Velvet Thorn's The Edge! We have dances Wednesday afternoon through Sunday night/Monday morning. Thursday night's ANIMALS party and Friday night's Country dances were big hits (we partied so hard Thursday night, we crashed the sim O_O). The party continues right through the weekend with DJ Victorianna Saturday afternoon/night at 1 PM SL. Come join in! Nobody parties like Thornies! And check out the pics from Velvet Thorn's latest parties at The Edge on VT's flickr page. Wanna see your Mistress or favorite subbie up here? Just take a picture and save to your hard drive, then upload to flickr. See you at the paarTAAYs!

20 August, 2010


DJ Kitty Kitty Chrissie Gedales and smexy Thorn Liasion Anika rocked the house hard Thursday night--so hard we crashed the sim: wooooohooooo!. Way to kick of the Velvet Thorn weekend! We were back up in no time and rocking out to Kitty Kitty's tunes. Nobody partys like Thornies! The theme was ANIMAL and we did it justice. Furries, nekos, and a lot of smexxy leopard print. Check out the photos on VT's flickr page at
Or head over to and click thru to flickr from there.

The fun at VT's The Edge continues through Sunday night.
Tonight the theme is country with DJ Exxx @ 6PM SL
Saturday night country continues with DJ Victorianna @ 1PM SL
Sunday night come get your animal on with RaMinah and Attica @ 4PM SL


15 August, 2010

Non-Human Dance Weekend Rocks Owwwt!

We had tigers, we had aliens! We had Sponge Bob Squarepants and MinnieDomme dragging Mickey behind! We had faeries, elves, dragons, angels, and devils! And we had Smexxy Exxxy spinning on Friday night, VT newcomer Sexy Kitty Kitty Chrissie Gedales filling in for Victorianna Writer who will be back next week, and our very own RaMinah spun the tunes on Sunday night. VT Poobah Infiniti got drunk and Goddess Star broke the rules (!) in her what-the-heck-is-that-Star? gold costume! Velveteen was one lucky bunny and Anika heated up the floor both nights with her non-human smokin' dancing. Grab that girl, Rya!

Check out the pics on Velvet Thorn's flickr page:

06 August, 2010

International FemDom Day - Fashion Show Pics

I was sent some great pictures from Attica and Kornet which they took during the fashion show and have added them to the Velvet Thorn Flickr page

If tags work :) you can also get to them on my Flickr Page

Here are a few to get you interested..............................

Star looking stunning
Mistress Z as Cleopatra
Mistress Jaidyn upholding the law
Mistress Londa and Caveman Shabtay

03 August, 2010

International FemDom Day - Fashion Show - Thanks to the Sponsors and the Volunteer Models

Apologies for the delay, I literally "ran" from organising the Fashion Show organisation to jump on a plane and fly off for a well earned RL Holiday.

The Fashion Show was a great success and a fitting start to the amazing IFD weekend. We elected to set ourselves a challenge for the show and set a target to show how glamour and diversity of fashion styles can still exist in a FemDom lifestyle.

I would like to thank the kind sponsors of the middle section of the Fashion show, who kindly donated various outfits.

Sascha Frangilli from Sasha's Design
Nicky Ree from Nicky Ree Designs
Raven Pennyfeather from House of Rfye
Swaffette Firefly from SF Designs
Prynce Llewellyn from SubVersion
Marinas Arai from Legend
Gemini Galatea representing Yelmer Pfeffer from AlphaMale
Kyrah Abattoir from KDC
Latexania Valeska from LaVa
ALV Rau from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Al Vatars
Campanula Aeon from Campalicous
Cathiee McMillan from Beach Bums
Betty Doyle from Ingenue

Also a huge thanks to the ladies of The Femdom Community in SL : MsX Shackle, Ginette Pinazzo, Delores Beaumont, LaFemme Meredith, Pheonixx Fulham, Silence Laryukov, Chantall Congrejo, Lizbeth Nimbus and StarSong Bright for showing us their grace and glamour as well as their Domina sides

And also to the Models :
Londa Serupta dressed as a traditional all Black Latex Catsuited Domina with her boy Substeve CissiSub in Pouch and leather straps, bare feet

Mistress Zadark dressed as Cleopatra with her sub and partner Kornet Kenyon dressed as Anthony

Our Gorgeous Snow Queen Brie Knoller and her protector Caveman Shabtay

Kerry Karsin in a lovely Victorian gown and her Maid sissymaid beverly

Police Officer Jaidyn Lacourte showed us all, especially deric Sands, that crime does not pay

Indigo Alchemi took her own submissive Geoff Pexington out for a days boating on the river

Mistress Zadark and Kornet Kenyon raised the temperatures on the beach

Jaidyn Lacourte and deric Sands, picnic'd the afternoon away

Mistress Zadark, radiated Corporate power as our CEO, assisted by her PA, Kornet Kenyon

And finally Indigo Alchemi and Geoff Pexington sparkled as they danced the night away in classic formal wear

31 July, 2010


The ladies of the Velvet Thorn were seeking to raise another 100k Lindens to add to the 200k (US$690) raised by the Femdom Community in SL group during International Femdom Day last weekend.  We succeeded way beyond our expectations!  168,200 Lindens (US$617) were raised during the auction and through the donation jar at the auction event.

Bringing the total contribution to to US$1,307!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to all of the ladies who offered their time to this great cause, and to all of our bidders and donators who made this all possible.  

28 July, 2010

Domme Auction for Charity

Domme Auction for Charity

The Mistresses at the Velvet Thorn Femdom have gathered for a Domme Auction to further support Pro Mujer, a charity that supports underprivileged women with micro-loans to start a business in struggling countries.     The auction is scheduled to be LIVE (NOT silent like most previous domme auctions) for  Saturday, July, 31, 2010 at 4:00 pm slt at Bonanza   .

Bonanza is a BDSM auction sim, specializing in slave auctions.  HOWEVER the Mistresses of the Velvet Thorn are being auctioned AS MISTRESSES and with dignity.  Bull Hynes, owner of the Bonanza auction sim, has generously offered to support us by advertising in his huge group and will  donate 100% of the proceeds of this auction, as well as his time and efforts, to Pro Mujer.   We are donating to a mainstream charity and propriety must be maintained.  Therefore the time being auctioned is platonic with the understanding that this IS for a good cause charity.   It is also a way to introduce some new folks to Femdom.

Please keep an open mind.  There will be many doms and female slaves.  Please be respectful of each and everyone's personal choices and preferences and treat all with the same respect and courtesy we would expect in our Femdom sister sims.  When you visit the Bonanza sim please be sure to read the rules.  Do not IM the slaves in that sim as it is not allowed, all chat with "the locals" should take place in the public chat.  Subs - deactivate your RLV while in sim to prevent unfortunate accidents!


  • StarSong Bright
  • Infiniti Mirihi
  • Brie Knoller
  • DestinyX Paine
  • FireEclipse Foxclaw
  • Huntress Catteneo
  • Jaidyn Lacourte
  • Jo Inglewood
  • Lioness Fireguard
  • Milu Laval
  • Muffkins Frostbite
  • Raine Laneley
  • Twilight Xaris

20 July, 2010

International Femdom Day - Fashion Show

Join us on Friday, 23 July at Noon SLT! Meet our gorgeous Femdom Community owners as they usher in the Femdom Community in SL group’s three day International Femdom Day festivities. The fashion show will highlight fashions for both dommes and subs and will showcase a wide range of content creators.

From left to right:

Delores Beaumont - Beaumont Hot House (Coming soon!)

Mignonne Mureaux - Domaine la Fignonne

LaFemme Meredith - Domaine la Fignonne

Ginette Pinazzo - Future Femdom

MsX Shackle - The House of X

Lizbeth Nimbus - The Mistresses

Pheonixx Fulham - The Rising Phoenix

Silence Laryukov - The Rising Phoenix

Chantall Congrejo - The Velvet Crossing

StarSong Bright - The Velvet Thorn

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

See the Femdom Community in SL website for details and location.

29 June, 2010

Pony Girl Dressage : Blending of SL and RL

All those in Real Life who have ever owned, ridden or been any where near a horse will know they are generally stubborn, clumsy and and intractable. Those of us in any FemDom community RL or SL will immediately see the similarity with many submissives. Imagine then taking a submissive pony girl and entering a Dressage competition.

Dressage is a French term loosely translated as "training"and is competitive horse training. Its sole purpose is to develop a horse's athletic ability, pose, looks and willingness to perform. A well trained good Dressage pony will show exact, effortless and smooth responses to a skilled rider's guidance by flawlessly performing the requested movement while the riders remains relaxed, graceful and effortlessly in control. The rider displays their horses' training through the performance of "tests" of prescribed series of movements within a standard arena. Judges evaluate and score each movement on the basis of an objective standard appropriate to the level of the test.

Our own Duchess Raffila Millgrove has most kindly and graciously allowed me to write about a little of her "real life" self and her real life ponygirl (Pippa) and how all their hard training together allowed them in their first ever competition to achieve a landslide set of wins in the First Annual Los Angeles Pony-Critter Jamboree. Raffi and Pippa competed in five events taking first place in 3 dressage events, a second place in Agility and a third place in presentation. Pippa then proudly was awarded Grand Champion Pony. Congratulations to the both from all at VT.

Raffi and Pippa's Freestyle Dressage Routine on YouTube

Raffi has been interested in SL Ponygirls for over two years now and her SL sub (Mylene) is a pony for Raffi in SL.
In SL Raffi and Mylene have learnt how to train and expanded that knowledge into Raffi's RL and her work with Pippa.

Bath Time for Mylene after a hard days training.

Raffi says the although for some, ponyplay could be seen as a light hearted possibly "silly play", that within her RL relationship with Pippa it has created a deeper much more dynamic bond that truly holds them together as one Horse/Rider.

If your interested in finding a new use for that riding crop gathering dust in your inventory, why not contact Raffi in SL as she has offered to provide help and guidance to anyone interested in getting started in SL pony play as either a pony or a trainer.

Rafi gave me permission to include the following beautiful photographs of her and Pippa at the show.

Credit for the above picture is to Liquiderotica

Juts look at all their Rosettes .. Well Done again Ladies. An amazing result for you both.

28 June, 2010



The date July 24th was chosen as the date for International Femdom Day as a day for celebrating dominant women – 7/24 - seven days a week and 24 hours a day. There are real life celebrations going on from St. Louis and New York to Berlin and beyond. The Femdom Community in SL group is bringing the whole event virtual for those who do not have the opportunity for a RL venue.

We will be hosting a wide variety of events, workshops and exhibitions on a dedicated sim from Friday 23 July through Sunday 25 July. Further details will become available on our website as they are finalized:


In honor of celebrating women we will be raising funds for Pro Mujer ( ) as we have done for our previous group events. We have chosen Pro Mujer because they are not a simple charity; they empower women by offering education, healthcare and micro-loan programs. Pro Mujer encourages women to develop their full potential, claim their basic human rights, and access services and resources in their communities. If you are not familiar with this wonderful organization we encourage you to have a look at their website and learn more.

23 June, 2010

The Femdom Community in SL - Update

There has been a bit of confusion over the changes being made in the previous Femdom Network. The original Femdom Network members have  become The Femdom Community in SL and we aren’t looking back! We are strongly focused on continuing to bring you the best femdom experiences in all of Second Life! To this end, we would like to welcome Future Femdom and The Velvet Crossing back into the fold.

Our Sister Femdoms

Domaine la Fignonne
Founded February 2009
MaƮtresse Mignonne Mureaux
MaƮtresse LaFemme Meredith

A small but magnificent FemDom where a home is provided for anyone with an interest in BDSM dominated by Ladies. There are are different theme area's where you can chat, explore and make your kinky dreams and fantasies come true. Visit us at our new island and enjoy the comfortable, cozy and elegant atmosphere

Future Femdom
Founded June 2008
by Boot Goddess Gina aka Ginette Pinazzo

This is a city founded on the living principles of Societal Femdom, where all men are bred as slaves for the pleasure and amusement of the entire Matriarchy. To evolve humanity and save the future, all of Woman must come together to work, play, love and live. The part that man plays is that of worshiper. Men are bred here to worship All Woman.

The Mistresses
Founded July 2008
Madame Lizbeth Nimbus

The Mistresses is a high quality FemDom house that provides a place for Female Dominants and male only submissives. Come and visit our beautiful Moroccan style Castle and meet some of our Real Life Dominants.

The Rising Phoenix
Founded September 2007
Pheonixx Fulham
Silence Laryukov

The Rising Phoenix is a Femdom sim where Mistresses and Submissives can come relax and enjoy time away from their real life and it's stresses. We pride ourselves on our warm and welcoming nature, whether you are a beginner or a veteran to the world of D/s and or Second Life.

The Velvet Crossing
Reborn June 2009 as The Velvet Crossing
Chantall Congrejo
Founded January 2008 as The Velvet Attic

Do you enjoy crossdressing the man in your second life? Aggressively Femme sim. Adult play area and hang out. Females are completely in charge. Forced feminization, foot fetish, cross dressing and sissification in a Femdom setting.

The Velvet Thorn
Founded January 2008
by StarSong Bright

The Velvet Thorn Femdom is a real community where we don't take ourselves too seriously. VT is a lighthearted place for people with similar Domme/submissive (D/s) FemDom interests come to relax, some to disassociate from RL and for others to supplement it. We are a diverse group of individuals from all over the world seeking a safe nonjudgmental place to explore ourselves and others, learn more about D/s, FemDom and sexuality (virtual and real). We pride ourselves on the easygoing nature of the sim and the people who call it home and we invite you to join us! Try and forget your problems, leave your troubles and inhibitions behind and relax and enjoy the VT in the spirit it was created.

Femdom owners in the group with "Emeritus" status

MsX Shackle - who founded the House of X, the oldest and most respected of Second Life's femdoms. Ms. Shackle is semi-retired but you never know when she will rise again.

Delores Beaumont - who co-founded Red's Hot House, and has gone on to create awesome femdom with The Verandah and Beaumont Estates. We expect to see something fresh and interesting this fall from Ms. Beaumont, stay tuned!

Join the Femdom Community in SL Group to receive updates and info across our member sims.

Watch this space for great things to come!

Femdom Community in SL - Logo Competition

We are, even more so, strongly focused on continuing to bring you the best femdom experiences in all of Second Life!

As part of the launch of the new Community group Star Blogged about, we have announced a LOGO CONTEST

Contest ends 9 July @ NOON SLT

First Prize: L$ 5000 - and there will be additional prizes for honorable mentions

Entries should be submitted DIRECTLY to LaFemme Meredith in world

  • full perm texture (so that we are able to display them properly for judging)
  • 1024 x 1024 in size

  • Give a sense of the Femdom Community in SL.
  • Create a recognizable symbol to represent the Femdom Community in SL group.
  • The logo will need to be used for event posters, info signs, web banners, and so on, so flexibility is key.
  • Be able to be resized from large to quite small without too much distortion. So not *too fussy* or overly detailed.
  • It IS acceptable to submit a full fledged logo and a simpler/smaller but easily recognizable version. This is NOT required but can be considered.
Find out more about the community at their blog :

I'll be monitoring the blog and linking back to interesting posts

Duchess Laura's Discussion -

Duchess Laura held another fun and lively discussion on 21st June as part of the ongoing "Foundations of FemDom" series.

As Laura is off on a well deserved RL vacation for the next 4 weeks, her classes will be suspended until her return. Check the calendar and group notices for the restart announcement.

17 June, 2010

Classes and Dances Going Strong at VT!

WOW! Settling in the new digs at VT has been so easy. The new classroom was used on Tuesday with a lively discussion with Ms Kadden Yue. Her class discussions have always drawn a crowd but this one had at one point when I counted was 26 AV's sitting in the room.

"What does serving mean to you? What can you do in SL to show service? SHOW UP_ GIVE YOUR TIME_ACTIVE LISTENING_PROVIDE FEEDBACK IN TEXT TO SHOW YOU ARE LISTENING_READ ALL THE WORDS IN TEXT_{communication is the key}"

Then the discussion turned to respecting each others rl and that the Mistress has just as much responsibility in the relationship as the sub! So Communication and Reciprocity were the key words of the hour. The hour was over before we knew it. Cannot wait till next week!!

A Big Thank You to Sierrah Sciarri for making a record of the highlights of the class for me.

Now I would like to welcome Yvana Zadark as our newest instructor at VT. Her thing is building and she has a great approach. She plans classes to be informal and will focus on the learning aspect of building such as textures, prim torture, attachments, or sculpties rather than "today we build a lamp" kinda of class. Every other Weds 6pm SLT on the platform above the classroom
is the place to be for VT builders.

Please let us and the instructors know what you thought of the class and what you would like to see in the future!

Moondancer Sandalwood debuted as DJ of our Mid-Week answer to hump day with Mid-Week Madness! So Well it finally broke up 12 hours plus later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next Weds will be a Beach party theme. But before that we have Friday night welcoming back Exxx with a Sexy Dr and Nurses theme, Sat is tried and true Leather and Lace with the return of Victoranna, then Sun we have the addition of RaMinah spinning to the 80's

Look for more posts daily reporting on the classes and events. Comments welcomed. Ms. M.E.

16 June, 2010

Shopping Landmarks for This weeks Themed Parties at VT

For those planning to attend this weeks themed events and struggling to find the right outfit, Mistress ME went searching and has found the following which may help

Various Costume places which will have possibilities for all events
Bare Rose
Desires Mall
Yay Fancy Dress

Midweek Madness
The Dom Shop

Sexy Doctors & Nurses
Scrubs Medical
Kikai Shop
VW Meds

Leather & Lace
No.9 Nylons (As Worn by Duchess Dita)
Straps - Mens Leather and Latex

Angel Dessous

80's Party
Derp - Leg Warmers
MediaPark - Disco Clothing

If you have anyother suggestions .. comment back to the blog post.

While your here why not spend time bookmarking the blog and reading some of the old posts ??

Hugs Dita

15 June, 2010

Calender Reminder

Reminder to folk that VT has a Calendar which is lovingly kept up to date by Mistress ME. The calender is available either to the side of the Blog posts (points to the right ) or on the webpage or inworld around the Sim. Remember that all times quoted in the calender are in SLT time

For instance this week we have :

TUES 12 Noon - discussion with Miss Kadden and Miss ME. This will be a "kickoff" discussion on the subjects you would all like to see being covered in the future with Ms Kadden.

WEDS 6pm - The first lesson with VT's New Building Instructor Yvana Zardark.. come learn how to make more than half metre plywood cubes.

THURS 5am - The continued Miss Laura will continue her open discussion classes based around the theme of "The Foundations of FemDom" This will be her last class before she goes on a well deserved vacation.. They will resume upon her return

FRIDAY 6pm to 730 - Miss EXXX is back in the VT Dance club (TheEdge) with a themed Sexy Doctors and Nurses party .. Watch inworld and on this blog for some suggestions of suitable shopping LM's for costumes

SATURDAY 1PM - Our Saturday Evening dance will be a Leather and Lace Theme, this will be held in "TheEdge"

SUNDAY 11:30 am - High Five Dice game for those feeling lucky

SUNDAY 1 to 3 Pm - Mistress RaMinah will DJ a 80's theme party in "TheEdge"

12 June, 2010

An Open Letter from the Owners of The Original Femdom Network

An Open Letter from the Owners of The Original Femdom Network,

We are very sad and disappointed to learn of Eva and The Dominion’s departure from our community. We regret that this has been an acrimonious parting for one of the founding members of the Network. Nonetheless, we feel the need to address Eva’s blog posting at in which she explains she left the Network because we did not issue a Network-wide ban of someone at her request.

A Network-wide ban is a very serious measure, one for which there is no appeal. Such a decision risks seriously testing the solidarity of our community because, inevitably, some of our members will be compelled to discipline individuals who may not have done them any harm nor done anything in their presence to merit punishment. We fear that, because of Eva’s regular absences from our group meetings, including both the meeting in which the policy for Network-wide bans was approved and the meeting at which this specific case was discussed, she may have misunderstood the policy and decisions that the members of The Femdom Network agreed to at those meetings.

We are a community of strong, self-sufficient and opinionated women, and the nature of our activities in SL means that strong emotions are often near the surface. Our Network is held together by communication and mutual respect, not by obedience to the demands of a single individual. It was our decision that Network-wide bans would be considered only in the most egregious cases of abuse -- such as credible threats against someone in RL -- and be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. It is not something we do often or lightly, and never without collective discussion. We did, in fact, unanimously ban someone at Eva's request for exactly these sorts of very serious reasons. In this more recent incident, however, it was decided, also unanimously and regrettably in Eva's absence, that the particular individual who had so perturbed her had not acted in a manner that met the standard for such severe punishment.

Nonetheless, the Network members jointly issued a formal warning letter to this individual requesting that he stay well away from Eva and refrain from going to the Dominion as himself or alts. We also informed him that we would closely watch his behavior and that any future infractions would see him banned across all of our sister sims. This was two weeks before Eva departed the Network, and as she notes in her blog post, she has not had any further problem with this person.

Subsequently, in an unrelated incident, one of our Network members reported that an individual had threatened the life of one of her members. This case closely fit the kind of behavior for which we instituted the ban policy, and we have accepted her report, issued a temporary ban, and will discuss the case in depth at our next meeting. Unfortunately, it seems that Eva felt that she was being singled out by having her earlier request turned down.

Simply put, it is not enough to demand that someone be banned. If Eva had the impression that membership in our community meant we would ban anyone we were asked to, we regret that we must inform her that this was simply never the case.

A successful sisterhood runs on open discussion and open decision-making processes. These are among our core values, and we would have been happy to discuss the matter with Eva and give her a chance to convince us of her cause. We are very disappointed that not only did she not attend the meeting to explain her request, she has responded to the decision by not speaking to any of us -- as individuals or as a group -- to resolve the matter. Instead, she altered the permissions of the Femdom group (which was created to allow all of the femdoms to advertise their events), the group, and the Femdom Network Blog on Blogspot. The only notice any of us received of her attitude was a message -- sent out to Dominion members -- that she had decided to leave the Femdom Network. And yet, for all her actions and public denouncement of the Femdom Network, she has not removed herself as an owner of the Femdom Network group, and in fact has indicated that she will not do so.

The Femdom Network was created to bring sim owners together and to empower us all by joining forces. It was never our intent that this would allow any of us to bully others or our expectation that such a division and public display of such would arise from the group we worked so hard to establish and nurture.

We have taken the opportunity created by this unfortunate situation to reflect on our core ideals, which are founded on open communication, respect and democracy. We are more than a network; we are a community, with rich relationships, caring sisters, and commitment to the enhancement of the femdom lifestyle. We have chosen a new name, Femdom Community of SL, which better reflects the harmonious nature of our union of femdom leaders and is inclusive of the many individuals who participate in the broader femdom world in SL.

We wish, despite our disappointment, the best for Eva and her Femdom Network.

Founders of the "Femdom Community in SL"
formerly "The Femdom Network"

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27 May, 2010

Well .. WOW .. have you seen it yet .. the new SIM ?

Star and Infiniti are in the closing stages of the Sim remodelling and we back open for fun and games again.. Get yourselves over here and see the AMAZING work these two ladies have created.

I'd like to request everyone sends them both a "Thank You" message

26 May, 2010

Velvet Thorn Remodelling starts

Work has started ..

I'll just point you all across to the flickr page for the pictures save posting them everywhere

Either join us on the roof at Blacks place, in the VT Chat group in SL, in this blog or on Flickr

23 May, 2010

BIG Changes at Velvet Thorn ....

As many of you are aware, Star and Infiniti started building a new play area for us all within the Velvet Thorn Sim on the "Femdom" Sim. However during the build work, the ladies numerous times encountered such terrible lag that building became impossible. We all know that the sim does seem to suffer from "extra" lag and despite many people having searched and delving into every possible know cause, no one has been able to pinpoint and eliminate the monster.

Therefore Star made the decision that the VT build needed to start afresh and all old "suspect" prims need sending the way of the delete button. I am therefore pleased to blog that we are all soon to benefit from an all new VT experience. Star and Infinitis' goal for the new build was to employ every technique they know to minimise lag, this will involve reduced use of MegaPrims, less use of Alpha textures (such as the glass in the store area, which many merchants had requested to be removed). The new Mall Area will be smaller thus allowing more area to be available for other things, but still offer the same number of stores and merchants. The shopping mall layout has been simplified and offers shoppers a "Miami like" feel which visually benefits from the water and board-walk areas around it.

Landing will no longer be in a Fountain (great news for my shoes) and will be a shorter walk to the clubhouse (great news for you shackled subs). At the landing will be feature clocktower hosting the sim rules and the Duchess page board. Then you will have a decision to head right to the clubhouse or left to the shopping area.

The clubhouse chat area gets a complete make over and I have to say I love it, it keeps the same intimate feel of the old one, but still open and airy with amazing views over water (makes note to self to check if subbies float) to the new mall area and includes a view of a fantastic San Francisco like bridge. We will be getting new chairs and when our hard working builders get a chance to draw breath and get the building dust out from under their fingernails (hint hint boys .. manicure and pedicure time !) rumour has it we may get multiple poses. We also will be getting some very nice sofas for a lazy afternoon lounge about.

We also get a new cafe area which will host the "Sub Boards". These will be getting a makeover too and VT will be changing the way subs can put their details up for the attention of a Mistress. More details later.

One of the new places I absolutely adore is a completely never seen before dance club built by Infiniti. When I saw this I immediately fell in love with the texturing and design and know I'll be spending many an hour relaxing on that dance floor. Make sure you check out the little things like the two statues/lights outside the main door.

While I am mentioning the detail, I implore you to spend time looking at the quality and just fantastic design and build work that Star and Infiniti have given us in this build. When you get a chance, make sure you thank these ladies for the environment they have created and given us. I'll start .. Thank you ladies.

There are LOTS and LOTS of other plans for the new build and I'll cover these and add photo's and more detailed descriptions when we know more and there is less building dust around.

So "When ? " I hear you all ask ...

Current plan is that by 11pm SLT time on the 25th May, Star will have requested all the Merchants in the old Mall pick up their items. At 11pm Star will close the Old and "New" Sims, for hopefully no more than six hours, during which the removal company trucks in the cardboard boxes and bubblewrap and the old areas on FemDom get boxed up and moved to the new Sim and build. Star, Infiniti and a few helpers will then work tirelessly on the final polish and tidy up

Once all is well, Star will open the new sim and we can all marvel at the new fantastic work. We plan to have a GRAND reopening on the 28th (so make a note in your diaries). Also remus will be planning, organising and letting us all know about a Sim wide Treasue hunt which will run from 28th to 31st, to encourage us ALL to explore the new place.

Star then plans to FULLY empty the old FemDom sim and therefore banish the lag monster finally once and for all, so IF you have prims on FemDom please please Consider picking them up to help Stars huge job of tidying up. If you get things returned to you during the tidyup now you know why.

28 April, 2010

A long overdue update

Greetings readers .. been a few weeks since I posted a note, some intended, some not.. I had a bit of a work / holiday two weeks off on the west coast of the USA which was extended (unintentionally) by Mother Nature and a slight tantrum she threw via Mount Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland. Mother nature reminded us humans of our fragility and dependance on machines and technology and removed a simple act of flying from our lives for a few days. Our world fell apart .. Airlines stopped flying and I was "stuck".

Whilst there I saw these pictures in the USA news Link1 Link2 which IMO show the beauty of Mother Natures artwork and the fragility of us humans.. My "plight" of being "stuck" was put into start contrast with those people in Iceland directly affected..

It got me thinking, Mother Nature is indeed female and is indeed dominant... For instance ... If a volcano was male, the spurting ash would have lasted a few seconds and not have been repeatable for some time and then only after another short and uneventful build up .. as a female volcano "eruption" , it lasted for days and built in intensity a number of times ;)

I am now back in the UK, normal service is returned and expect to see me around in SL as before. My plan to document the various areas on the SIM we call home have gone as most of the areas have gone ... to be replaced by a new and exciting area. As such my focus will be on telling you all about the new place, encouraging you to explore it

Hugs D

31 March, 2010

Tour Part 5 - The Classroom Play Area

View as we land ... Make sure you have a close look at the right hand bookcase, fully scripted and ready for a Mistress and sub to enjoy a some excellent bondage positions.. Reading has never been quite so much fun The main room has another scripted book case (different to the first one, so worth grabbing a deep breath and another exploration).. To the left is what remains of a dance class.. Piano and Bongos play if you feel musically inclined.And finally around the corner .. the main classroom area .. seems some one has been writing on the blackboard. We shall have to find out who did that ;)
Maybe as we start the tour of the play areas .. I should take a couple of willing volunteers along, so we can show you all the animated toys .. Volunteers ???

26 March, 2010

The Impromtu Emoting Competition - NSFW comes with an age warning :)

Today we had a impromptu Emoting competition in the Community area .. Various people donated to the prize which got to 8,000 lindens

Rules where simple. A subject was chosen and the contestants had a few mins to create a max 3 sentence emote on the subject

Round one - Subject was a response to Kitten Moonshadow : You have just stared at my tits when you have been corrected for it 3 times already today. I smack you right in your mouth and tell you to beg forgiveness.

First up Vaille Voom turns his head to the side with the force of the slap, a little drool dropping from his lip. "Oh...I...sorry!" he stammers, "I just zoned out! I wasn't lying!" he blurts. He angles his head forward, fixing his sulky stare on the floor as his cheeks redden from embarrasment and the distinct shape of a hand forn higher on his cheek.

Cosmo Fenwitch looks up to your eyes and says "what?" I was looking at yous dress. There seems to be lint on it.
Cosmo Fenwitch reaches out to brush it off.

Second up remus Wilber: looking up her face a look of total horror, the violence of the smack ringing the girls ears as the words descend around her ears, she can feel the walls of her world crumbeling as she realises Miss Kitten is angry with her. quickly falling to her hands and knees, the flagstones of the floor rough against her soft skin as she crawls quickly across the floor, protsrating near her feet. her voice coming out as little more than a whisper from between her full lips quietly begging the beautiful Dommes forgiveness for this sluts errors in judgment. "this poor girl is usually such a good girl Miss but your bueaty drained what little mind and goodsense she had and left her as naught but a gibbering heap of drool at your feet. please forgive her Miss, you knwo she will tear out her eyes and devour them herself before daring to upset you again"

(Breaks 3 sentence rule and incurred a -2 points penalty)

DaveWisc Price uses his lips to slowly open the buttons on the back of Miss Misterry's gown. Kissing each shoulder, than slowly kissing his way down her spine, finally pausing to kiss the small of her back, savoring her silken skin for a moment before resuming his path further downward....

Round 2 .. Infiniti : I walk into the clubhouse, drunk, and horny, looking to play. You are each aware os SSC, both RL and at VT, so its a very fine line ... approach me...

remus Wilber: Scoots quickly up behind Miss Infiniti, grasping her elbows in my hands to hold her steady as she stumbles about. Quietly so no one can see pressing soft gentle kisses to her throat as I whisper up how beautiful she looks tonight, my hand slowly sliding up her arms to wrap them infront of her, dragging mine around in a hug as I press her tight against me. Moving my lips up her throat leaving small lipstick marks as I suck in her lower lobe, pressing myself up against her as I push her hips back against me

Vaille Voom takes a few steps to intersect with Infiniti's path and clears his throat. "Are you okay, Miss?" he asks, his hands nervously fidgiting in front of him and his head tilted to one side in an failed attempt to look sympathetic. "If you need a hand to your chair, just yell." he says with a slightly impish grin, eyes fixed on her as she wends her way to her destination.

Thyamine Dyrssen watches as you stumble past, offering his bare muscular arm for support as he says hello, helping guide you to a chair as he slides down slowly in front of you to the cushion smiling up at you, 'Mmmm, having a good night so far Miss?'

Cosmo Fenwitch: Cosmo look around the clubhouse and sees what appears to be an attractive playful but slightly drunk chick. The kind he hoped to find tonight. Confident that his superb good looks will enable him to bag this chick he approaches her, unaware of her reputation as a powerful domme. After looking you over he says, in a deep voice, n “How you doing?”

Voting after 2 rounds Eliminated Cosmo ... (good try Cosmo, but strong competition from the others)

Round 3
FireEclipse Foxclaw: You have been watching me for hours in agony, at my will to do nothing or something... I just took off my clothes and told you to worship me.

Vaille Voom furrows his brow at the order, his mouth dropping open a little gormlessly as he formulates a response. "I...would...but..." he says, only just coming to grips with the forward nature of the request. "...I gotta handle something first." he fibs, standing and making a swift exit, chuckling to himself.

remus Wilber: Falling immediately to my knees before you as the glory of your beauty stuns me almost into insensibility. Hungrily licking my lips as I look up at your body, taking in every inch of your body as I slowly start licking my way up your leg, dragging my course tongue against the soft flesh as it gets higher and higher. Inhaling deeply as your musky scent fills my mind as I start lapping lightly at the sensitive flesh, pushing the tip of my tongue into every crevice before dragging myself up, covering your belly with soft loving kisses

Thyamine Dyrssen watches as you slip into nothing for that first time, kneeling and watching as warm bare skin and curves are slowly revealed, my eyes taking in your beauty as you turn back to me. Leaning into you slowly, gazing up at your face as you watch my reaction, my hands gliding up the outsides of your thighs softly, my lips leaning in to softly kiss your warm skin, my fingers teasing up further to your soft bare hips, pulling back to take in your sexy form again

Vaille being eliminated that round leaving remus and Thy

Last round to the challenge of Infiniti again : Infiniti Mirihi: I show up in one of the play areas, to find you touring the new play area... i'm wearing nothing but a habit and stockings. I say to you, "Let's play Bless me Sister, for I have sinned." Go on, confess...

First was remus Wilber: Giggling madly as I quickly change into a schoolgirls outfit sans panties, looking up with pure hunger in my eyes. Dropping a lil curtsey as I murmur “forgive me Sister, I have sinned mightely, I spent all day letting people peek up my skirt and teased them mercilessly by rubbing against them, she has been a very naughty girl”. Letting the skirt flip up just a shade to high as I bob another curtsey to her and move to my knees, bowing my head to await my just punishment, trying with difficulty to hide the excited grin on my face

Closely followed by Thyamine Dyrssen looks at you standing there, surprising me as I come around the corner, gorgeous and sensual, and so naughty looking in your outfit. Slowly sinking down to his knees as he takes you in, eyes slipping down over your bare skin, unable to help it as his gaze lingers. Trying not to stare where the soft skin meets the stockings, turning his eyes up to you 'Bless me sister, for I have sinned, and I seem to be unable to stop suddenly..'

Final Winner Thyamine Dyrssen, who became the proud owner of 8000 new shiney Linden Dollars

Thy donated 4000 to the sim fund (Thanks Thy) and kept the rest to go shopping for himself. Also many thanks to Sin Straff for the idea and organising it and to the 3 judges Infiniti Mirihi, FireEclipse Foxclaw and Kitten Moonshadow

Tour Part 4 .. Theatre and Velvet Lounge

Today we will continue the wander around Velvet Thorn Sim, calling at the Theatre and the Velvet Lounge. Outside the theatre you can stop off and grab your popcorn (and tickets of course) and if you have a wierd sense of humour like me smirk at the "Butter Kist Nuts" signs which if said in a UK voice sounds a lot worse than "peanuts in butter" .. oooops

Great textures on the popcorn machine and sweets counterInside the Theatre we grab the back row (as normal) and realise that its not film night .. so watch a blank screen while grabbing the pics. The cinema style seats are of course for the Dommes with lots of cushions for the subs watching the film
Outside the theatre is an area I would guess most miss .. a lovely hot tub and spa and the bridge over to Velvet Crossing . If you use the tub remember to turn it off after use.. need to keep Stars electricity bill down
Jumping a Teleport we head to the lounge and grab a quick dance while we grab the snaps. Some excellent fetish B&W photography on the walls. Here we have a look to the stage
More photography as we pan around clockwise
To the entrance and the bar area

I encourage folks to continue their exploration and visit these and the other places inside our wonderful sim.

24 March, 2010

Songs with BDSM Theme / Words / Videos :) A bit of fun

One of the subjects of chat in the Clubhouse today was about songs with a D/s feeling because of words or the video, here is a list which we came up with in about 10 mins.. In No Particular order or preference ..

Poison Originally Alice Cooper .. but Groove Coverage version is my favourite

Out of Control .. Pres George Bush and Tony Blair .. (Cant remember the Girl who sang it .. But I seem to remember it was the sister of one of the girls from Bananarama or something

Tie Me down .. AP Album

Love Me Tendor or Else .. AP Advert (Cheating I know.. just reminding you boys .. dont ever forget)

Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

Sweet about me Gabriella Cilmi

The Power is Mine, Lords of Acid

Falling in love is hard on the knees, Aerosmith

Possession, Sarah Mclachlan

Touch Myself, DiVynals

Freaky Girl, Shaggy

I am sure you all have more .. so lets share the ideas !

23 March, 2010

Chair and Stool Etiquette in the Clubhouse

Etiquette • noun the code of polite behaviour in a society

A break from the tour of the sim to pen a polite suggestion to all ... When leaving the Circle of chairs, stools and cushions in the club house, please consider stepping outside of the circle a few steps .. This way when you log back on with your settings as "My Last Location" you don't (a) land on someone's lap or (b) rez slowly with your backside in another's face :)

22 March, 2010

Continuing the Explore at VT .. Day3

"Good Morning Velvet Thorn !!!!"

Here we go continuing the tour around VT, This morning we look at 3 areas which help with the diversity here at Velvet Thorn. First up is the Learning Retreat, a simple sand box and build area, want to try your hand at half meter plywood cubes ? This is teh place to play.. However remember simple SandBox rules ... Dont rez hundreds and hundreds of prims, dont play with laggy scripts and TIDY UP after you..Quick Teleport away is the Lighthouse, not a heavily visited area, so I often use it if I need to chill and relax, maybe when I'm writing this blog or updating notecards etc. If you see me hanging around, say Hi however don't be upset if I don't instantly reply .. Probably busy somewhere Zooming back we see the light house and its area in its completeness

Last place for today is the Rumpus Game Room, fancy a flutter ? a game of skill ? Here's the place to come. Here we have A poker table, Greedy Table and a XX table. Don't want to chance those hard earned Lindens ? No problems there is a nice seating circle similar to the Clubhouse where folks can rest and watch the others chance their hand

18 March, 2010

Around Velvet Thorn 2 - The walk from the Fountain

Continuing the blogs and pics around Velvet Thorn sim.. "Plop" you TelePort into the Sim in, as mentioned before, into the fountain.

I have a number of theories why this is, first is it cleans your feet from your travels through Second Life, washing away the dirt and drama from other sims. The second theory is related to birth as water is historically tied to birth, so landing in the fountain is a symbol of the travellers rebirth into the new world of Velvet Thorn and FemDom.

However part of me says its the sense of humour of Dommes who love to see every one walk into the sim with wet feet.

Turning to face west, the traveller sees in the distance the stunning ladies of Velvet Thorn and hurries as fast as their AO allows .. literally running passed some key discoveries on the path to the ClubhouseThis Photo trip we shall take our time and point out some possibly overlooked things. As we head across the bridge we see a red ball which is the group joiner.. if your not a member hit it and join, now you'll receive all the notices and posts of everything going on in the community

Soon after, look right .. yes its a functional library.. Clicking on the books gives you access to educational as well as fictional BDSM material. Take a few mins and have a read. To the left of the bookcase is a basket where, if you feel you have a spark to creating suitable Library material you can drop your masterpiece for possible inclusion to the Library. To the right are a couple of dispensers giving materials for Stars Building Workshop and the Prim Adjustment WorkshopTurning around is a welcome area, if your new to SL, here you can grab a few Freebies, clothes, skins, shapes as well as key BDSM items. Now you will start to feel more welcomed and part of our community.Continuing up the bridge is the Duchess "online and message" board. Here you see some of the Duchess's of Velvet Thorn. These Ladies are the senior staff members of Velvet Thorn. They help to run the sim and perform many functions such as holding events/discussions/teaching etc. Duchesses have the power to eject from the region and to ban either temporarily or permanently. VT Duchesses can invite new members and change group titles.

Turning back to the west.. you see heaven (or is it hell .. your choice) .. The clubhouse with some of the most beautiful, stunning and interesting ladies in SL.. Enjoy your stay

17 March, 2010

Around Velvet Thorn.. First Stop University

Visitors to Velvet Thorn land in the fountain (one day I'll work out why) and usually wander to where the green dots in mini map are ie "The Clubhouse". However I wonder how many then go onto explore the wonderful sim we have here. So here we have a series of Blogs entitled "Around the Sim" in a hope it may encourage people to explore and discover new areas. I'm not going to do this in any complex way, so its simply anti clockwise around the teleport board, however I will resist temptation and keep the shopping area to last.

So first stop .. Fem Dom University

It looks similar to the club house, open and airy with a large number of student chairs facing the front, if your late to class stand at the back and be prepared for suitable punishment. In the picture below notice to the right at the front is a"play checklist" dispenser. Worth grabbing a checklist and filling it in, if you have a partner already, fill it in together its fun discussing your kinks.

At the back of the class on the right side is a Velvet Thorn donation station, consider dropping a few lindens in as every one helps.

As always the teacher has the best view, not only of all the eager faces of students and subs in the class, but also across the sim to this particular time the St Patrick Days dance area.

Classes are offered regularly and Mistress Jovial currently has a couple of posters outside listing her next ones.. make sure you attend, they are every Saturday at 10:30 am SLT. These and other classes will be listed in group notices and the Event Calendars around the Sim.

And lastly I just had to sneak a pic of the teachers pose .. remember to bring a apple.

16 March, 2010

Intro and First Blog

Star and Infinity asked me to join the blogging team here at Velvet Thorn, in a moment of madness I said yes. Last time I wrote something similar to a Blog was back in my Secondary school where I edited the School Newspaper, back then I had a constant stream of exciting news, from school related happenings such as the latest "Hockey Scores" ,"Who was in Detention this week and why ?" to world challenging events like "Who was wearing last years shoes" and "Who had the shortest skirt" (that would have been either me or my best school friend Fiona, the short skirt award that is not last years shoes as that was "what's her name" .. any way I digress, which you need to get used to as I do it a lot).

So thinking carefully I realised life at Velvet Thorn is not that different. I will probably change the "detention report" to who got banned this week and as with all key life events the important things like "Who is Wearing last years Shoes" will stay.

Backing up a little .. Who am I and why am I here ? Some of you regulars may know me from the Velvet Thorn Community Area and around the sim. If you have met me you'll know I am yet another SL'fer who regrets trying to be clever with their name. Please call me Dita or Miss Dita and please drop the "Von", my name for those who don't twig is a play on Dita Von Teese, a lady who shines glamour and style around the fetish and burlesque world or RL. I'm around most UK day hours during the week, if you have never come in world to greet the regulars at that time I have to ask "why not ? .. your missing out on all the fun .. so come on get in world and come say hello". Shame on you .... please pay 1 linden to the sim fund as a punishment.

To answer my earlier question of why am I here ? A few months ago I took the deeply personal decision to uproot my dedication from another FemDom community and join Velvet Thorn as I suspected and have proven these last few weeks it to be a vibrant, fun, friendly and exciting community (that's you lot if your confused).

I am passionate about everything I do, this includes things as diverse as setting fire to yet something else to shopping around the Million SL stores and outlets to ensuring a peaceful, harmonious and friendly environment exists for all who visit Velvet Thorn. I'm here to help, help in answering peoples questions, help people have fun, help cause mayhem, help keep order and therefore blame the earlier mayhem on remus... ohh and defiantly help in shopping if any one needs it.

And for those wondering .. the award for wearing the ugliest shoes from last year goes to .. Why not come to the Welcome area and ask me ;)

Hugs to all at Velvet Thorn Dita

01 March, 2010

Femdom Day 2010 March 6 - 7!

2nd Annual Convergence of Femdom Organisations in the World of Second LIfe

On March 6th and 7th, the 2nd Annual Femdom Day will be a gathering of prominent Femdom organisations in Second Life, designed to coincide with International Womens Day and to be a celebration of Empowerment, Education and Entertainment.

Last year, FemDom Day was an historic success, with attendance in the thousands and an impressive array of displays and events that spoke to the diversity of Femdom culture. This year, FD2010 will focus on a greater range of events, from the educational and inspirational to the entertaining and provocative.

Proceeds from FD2010 will benefit Pro Mujer, a global organisation that promotes and enables Women In Business throughout the world, through an innovative micro-loan and education program. Pro Mujer helps Women who, in turn, help their communities.

FemDom Day 2010 is produced by The Femdom Network, an active coalition of Second Life's influential and thought-leading Female-Led communities. FemNet produces many events throughout the year and works hard to maintain standards and promote Female-Led ideals, culture and society in the world of Second Life

Contact List
Group: The Femdom Network
Vendor Relations: Pheonixx Fulham and
Programming Director: Ginette Pinazzo
Marketing/Public Relations: Evangeline Eames
Staff Coordinator: Lizbeth Nimbus
Outside Donations: Delores Beaumont
Location Designer: Starsong Bright

Check the Femdom Network blog for updates and more info as the event approaches.

23 January, 2010

Mapoo Little's Live Gig @ VT

A lil memory from today's Mapoo Little gig for the second anniversary celebrations:

16 January, 2010

Some pics from the Come As You Were Party...

 Shot of part of the crowd.

Star and her boy, Gogo.

Pansy on the left, and Irish [with noobie me hiding behind him]

Another group shot.

Didn't we make a sexy bunch of noobs?

The celebrations continue all week, so enjoy!!