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05 November, 2009

Femdom University in November

Hello Thorns!

I have decided to alternate lecture classes with book readings after receiving such wonderful feedback from those of Y/you who were able to attend the readings. For the month of November I will be going back to lectures, then in December back to book readings, and so on. Y/you can find detailed description of the classes at various locations in VT. Just look for the black and white scrolling boards.

D/s lectures happen Saturdays 10:30am SLT at VT's Femdom University. All classes are open to the public and are great for people of all experience levels, from just curious to advanced practitioners of the BDSM Lifestyle. The classes for November are:

-November 7th ABCs of BDSM-
-November 14th Defining Abuse in BDSM-
-November 21st BDSM Etiquette-
-November 28th BDSM Psychology-

See Y/you there,
Duchess Jovial Denimore

*Lectures written by Jovial Denimore and by Aiko Gaea of Isle Of Shadows. ABCs of BDSM lecture written by Jovial Denimore. Lectures conducted in local chat text by Jovial Denimore at the Velvet Thorn Femdom Community's Femdom University and at Isle Of Shadows.*