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08 October, 2009

RLV.... introduction.

One of the things that people really seem interested in, particularly those new to BDSM and SL, is RLV.

So, I'm putting together an introductory class to introduce RLV to anyone who's interested in learning more, or who is starting out with using RLV - and I would like YOUR help!

What I need from you is information about when you started using RLV, for example:

  • When you first started using RLV, what information would have been useful for you to have?
  • What questions do you have about RLV?
  • What are its advantages?
  • What are its limitations?
  • etc...

I will build the class around the questions I receive, so please have a think, and jot your questions and comments on a notecard - and pass it to me inworld ASAP.

Duchess Sue.