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24 August, 2009

Nerds & Nymphos!

Nerds & Nymphos Party @ The Velvet ThornSaturday 22 August was the Nerds & Nymphos party. StarSong whipped up some "special" plaid and sneakers for the boys to strut their stuff in. Our Dj - DJGizmo Unplugged spun three hours of non-stop hip shaking dance tunes.

Duchess Portia Porterfield won the Nymphiest award and One Ferraris won the Nerdliest contest. I think the hiccups and "kick me" sign were the balance tippers!

Nerds & Nymphos Party @ The Velvet ThornEveryone was decked out for the occasion. Those needing help found themselves dressed up!

There were some great crossovers - with Tindal as a Nympho and Duchess Jovial as a Nerd.