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04 August, 2009

Starsong saw a Phantom!

The Phantom of The Velvet Thorn has appeared in The Velvet Lounge. Starsong was there, blowing out candles from the Burley-Q event, when suddenly, a huge organ appeared and an evil laugh filled the air. She ran behind the velvet curtain, and swears she saw a masked man!

Could it be?

Saturday, August 8th, 12pm slt, we will all see for ourselves. Duchess Eloise will be playing the delicious, dark and decadent "Music of the Night".. both traditional and techno Andrew Lloyd Webber music. IT is a night for ball gowns and masks, tuxedos and opera gloves. Come see for yourself! I believe Star, he is hiding out in her newest build, The Velvet Lounge!

02 August, 2009

Flickr Fotos

Burlesque Boys and Beautiful Ladies party @ Velvet Lounge

Yours truly as a Burlesque ShowGirl

I added some new pics of yesterday's Burlesque Party to VT's Flickr page, and we've now topped 300 pics in the pool!

Thanks to everyone for submitting your wonderful photos, and keep it up!
They're fantastic to see.

Pop over to Flickr and join the VT group to see more....

Duchess Sue.