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10 July, 2009

Anything else...?

Yesterday's Collars n'Cuffs class was very well received by the VT members who attended. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback, and for your rapt attention, even when the technology let me down!

For those who missed it, if you would like a copy of the notes I handed out, feel free to ask me for them.

So what's next...?
At the end of the class I put out a call - if there are any other items: pieces of equipment/furniture or whatever, that you would like to get more information on - feel free to drop me a notecard inworld with the details, and I'll see what I can do to put other classes together.

Duchess Sue.

09 July, 2009

Introduction to Collars n'Cuffs class

Are you new to SL D/s - as either a Domme or sub? Would you like more information on collars available in SL and how they work?
Well this is the class for you!

I'll be giving information on the pros and cons of some of the main brands of collars available, as well as demonstrating how to set up a collar from scratch.

I have a box of goodies to give away to everyone who attends, which includes a scripted collar, some scripted cuffs, and a special gift for the ladies!
I will also be giving out a detailed notecard on all of the information that I will present in the class.

This class will be held in VOICE, so please ensure that you have enabled voice in your preferences, to at least be able to hear. I'm happy to accept questions/comments in either voice or text.
Check out the following link if you need any help with setting up your voice preferences:

See you @ 11am in VT!
Duchess Sue

08 July, 2009

Queenly Fete! July 11th, 12pm slt- Our Weekly Dance..

Will be just ROYAL! Queenly ROYAL that is. The Velvet Thorn will hold court this week.. ROYAL Court.. WE will dance with famous Queens in history.. from Elizabeth to Catherine..that Bolen Girl, the Queen Mary, Isabella, even Freddie Mercury and Divine! Dress as your favorite queen in history..Music will be provided by the queenly Duchess Eloise.. sooo..get ready for a rocking, royal time! See you Saturday! Naughty knaves, and jesters invited.. a prince or two would AMUSE US too! Dress to impress! Come and take a royal photo for photo album!

Let the costume gathering begin!