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16 December, 2009

Christmas Issue of FemDom Magazine

Issue 8 is here - hot off the presses and ready for reading!

Happy Seasonal Reading!

22 November, 2009

RLV Shared folder Workshop

As you may know, I'll be doing the second of my two "Introduction to RLV" classes on Wed of next week.

In this class you will learn how to set up your Shared Folder [also known as the #RLV folder], in your inventory.

This will be an interactive workshop during which you will learn how to set up both "modify" and "no modify" items for sharing.
All materials, and notes, will be provided to participants - as I usually do for all my classes.

To get the most from this class, I suggest you attend while logged in using RLV - and yes, I do mean Dominants too!

Where do you get RLV? Go to either of the following links, download and install as per the instructions:
Marine Kelly's RLV:
Emerald Viewer:
- if you're using Emerald, you will need to log in, go to preferences - and in the Emerald tab's "misc" section, tick the box to switch on RLV. Then relog, and you'll have RLV in addition to all the other yummy functions of the Emerald viewer!

Check out the events calendar and VT group notices for details of when the class will be held.

Duchess Sue.

18 November, 2009

FemDom Magazine - Issue 7

The latest issue of this amazing publication has just hit the newsstands! Get it while it's hot!!

You can get a copy in-world, or you can go straight to to read it online.


RLV Education @ VT

I'll be repeating my popular class on introducing Restrained Life Viewer today at noon in VT's Femdom University.

If you have any specific questions you would like answered - please send me a nc in advance of the class, and I will try my best to have answers ready.

See you at noon!

Duchess Sue.

PS: Next week: I will continue education on RLV for all our members with a workshop on how to set up the shared folder.

05 November, 2009

Femdom University in November

Hello Thorns!

I have decided to alternate lecture classes with book readings after receiving such wonderful feedback from those of Y/you who were able to attend the readings. For the month of November I will be going back to lectures, then in December back to book readings, and so on. Y/you can find detailed description of the classes at various locations in VT. Just look for the black and white scrolling boards.

D/s lectures happen Saturdays 10:30am SLT at VT's Femdom University. All classes are open to the public and are great for people of all experience levels, from just curious to advanced practitioners of the BDSM Lifestyle. The classes for November are:

-November 7th ABCs of BDSM-
-November 14th Defining Abuse in BDSM-
-November 21st BDSM Etiquette-
-November 28th BDSM Psychology-

See Y/you there,
Duchess Jovial Denimore

*Lectures written by Jovial Denimore and by Aiko Gaea of Isle Of Shadows. ABCs of BDSM lecture written by Jovial Denimore. Lectures conducted in local chat text by Jovial Denimore at the Velvet Thorn Femdom Community's Femdom University and at Isle Of Shadows.*

28 October, 2009

Wanna share?

Well if your Mistress wants you to use RLV you will have to!

Or if you're a Domme intending to keep your property under control using Restratined Life Viewer - then do I have the classes for you!

By popular demand, I will re-run the introduction to RLV that I did a couple of weeks ago. The next session will be at a different time and day to try to catch some of you who want to attend, but missed the last one.

I will also run a follow-up class on setting up your shared folder [your #RLV folder] - to allow object sharing.
Keep an eye on the calendar for details:

Duchess Sue

21 October, 2009

Velvet Estates has Femdom Friendly Land

Do you, or someone you know need land to call home?
Check out the available properties list on our main website at 

16 October, 2009

Haunted Rave

As we approach Halloween the events are getting wilder and crazier. DJ Exxxquisite Magic spun some wild and crazy music at the Haunted Rave and much of the music wasn't haunting at all. The better part of the event was spent playing "Stump the DJ," to no avail. She played every song requested, and then some. DJ Exxx will be with us every Friday evening from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm SLT, and is likely to play longer. If you have yet to hear her amazing sets, you're in for a treat and maybe a trick or two.
Glad you've joined us Exxx!

08 October, 2009

RLV.... introduction.

One of the things that people really seem interested in, particularly those new to BDSM and SL, is RLV.

So, I'm putting together an introductory class to introduce RLV to anyone who's interested in learning more, or who is starting out with using RLV - and I would like YOUR help!

What I need from you is information about when you started using RLV, for example:

  • When you first started using RLV, what information would have been useful for you to have?
  • What questions do you have about RLV?
  • What are its advantages?
  • What are its limitations?
  • etc...

I will build the class around the questions I receive, so please have a think, and jot your questions and comments on a notecard - and pass it to me inworld ASAP.

Duchess Sue.

18 September, 2009

Cruel Innocence Published in Femdom Magazine

The story Cruel Innocence, originally told by me in the Velvet Thorn Plaza last year, impromptu to a live audience.  I dusted it off, cleaned it up to proper prose (instead of the chat log) with minimal editing to maintain its original feel.  Here it is for your reading pleasure!

New Prizes for Picks!!!

I have added new items to the Prize for Picks item givers in the VT Welcome Area.  Hair by yours truely (ok started with a full perm kit but tweaked it so much that shouldn't count lol!)  It's my first try at hair, so be kind.  The Prize for Picks items change daily.  These hair are also available for 25 Lindens at the new VT Store in the mall.

The shoes that were previously only available in the Prize for Picks vendors are also available for individual purchase for 50 Lindens.

These, like the hair come copy, mod, no transfer.  Be SURE to make copies before adjusting if you are new to it.  Just in case.

14 September, 2009

New Sim Teleporter and Submissive Cuffs with AO

New Sim Teleporter and Submissive Cuffs with AO

The new teleporter uses the SL map to move you around, so no more sitting on prims that bounce you all over and drop you from the sky. Just click the button to see your destination. Then click the middle picture to open the map (it is preset for the proper location). Just click the teleport button and off you go!

The new Velvet Thorn Cuffs and Animation Overrider are also ready to go. They are for sale for ONE LINDEN to group members (you must be wearing your Velvet Thorn group to buy). The one linden helps me keep track of who got them so i know who to contact for any updates.  The sign does not give out the Capture Game for now, that will be a separate item. The cuffs do NOT require the game in order to work.

The AO poses are a bit mediocre because it is so hard to find good full perms ones. I highly recommend a trip to Abranimations or Vista Animations if you don't already have an AO you like. We will be holding classes periodically to show you how to alter the AO if you don't know already.

Please read the MUST READ file before beginning and report any bugs you find to me immediately. If the cuffs or AO are acting odd, edit the cuff, go to the tools menu and reset it, then remove it and the AO hud and reattach them. This solves most any problem.

13 September, 2009

"Werid Science and whatever else you feel like wearing" Saturday Party!

PARTY!!!   2009-Sept-12
This week's themed party was "Werid Science and whatever else you feel like wearing" *grins*

We had a Smurf, Sponge Bob PJ wearing demons, a werewolf, Duchesses, an Android, Cyborgs, and lots of Latex and much more!

DjGizmo was spinning our tunes and we rockedll!

Alyx, Max and CavemanPARTY!!!   2009-Sept-12

CLASS: Just the Basics with Duchess Jovial

On 12 Sept Duchess Jovial Denimore gave a class in the basics of BDSM/DS.  It was very well attended, and we were thrilled to see so many new faces.  This information is so important that I am posting the basic information here for anybody who was not able to make it to the class.

~~~~~ What is BDSM? ~~~~~
First I'd like to begin by clarifying what BDSM means.

BDSM: Is a composite acronym for "B&D" (bondage & discipline); "D&S" (dominance & submission); and "S&M" (sadomasochism).

Duchess Jovial teaches the basics of BDSMIt is used to refer to any consensual activities or lifestyles between adults which include some or all of these things.

The term "BDSM" is used in a general sense to describe any situation or practice which includes erotic power exchange, dominance and submission, pain play, bondage, sensation play, or anything related to these.

S/some people call BDSM just SM or D/s for short. Y/you will hear me call it by all three, but it is all the same thing- BDSM.

~~~~ Significance of SCC & RACK ~~~~
In RL and SL, there are two schools of thought in the BDSM community:

The first is SSC, and the second is RACK.

SSC = Safe Sane Consensual & RACK = Risk Aware Consensual Kink
Notice that what we see here is that the main idea in both schools is the fact that everything here is *consensual.*

Consensual means that both the sub and Dominant are fully aware of the risks and of the activities that will take place in any given scene, as well as in the relationship.
In the book “SM 101” by Jay Wiseman he states:

“Consent is one of the most important issues, perhaps the most important issue, in SM. Before you can do something to another person, they must agree. Touching another person, or even their clothing, without their consent, regardless of the degree of force used - even its it’s minimal - is a crime. Don’t do it.

...Also, intoxicated or unconscious persons cannot consent. If you give somebody drugs or alcohol to “short-circuit” their objection, you could face rape charges.

...Finally, a person too feeble-minded or senile to understand what is happening cannot meaningfully consent. Again, having sex with them is rape.”

Jay Wiseman then explains a little more about consent and gives a few examples:
“Don’t extort or manipulate consent. Don’t use unfair pressure to get it. Only accept freely given consent. Examples of unfairly obtained consent include the threat of withdrawing any type of support - such as shelter - if the other person is not willing.

I know of one “dominant” who told his submissives they could refuse to obey, but if they did that ended their relationship. They had to pack and immediately leave. How contemptible! (This guys had a hard time keeping submissives. I can imagine why.)

Also, the approach of “If you really love me, you’d do SM with me” is reprehensible, perhaps especially if you’re trying to persuade he other person to be submissive. If *you* really loved *them* you wouldn’t treat them in such an unfair way, and I hope they’re smart enough to realize that.

Informed consent includes an understanding about limits, how much or how little experience both parties have, how long the session will last, safety measure, and what specific acts will or won’t occur.”
Authors of ‘When Someone You Love is Kinky,’ Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Lizt share their opinion on consent:

“We have said before that we believe that true consent in all matters sexual
involves an active collaboration by everyone involved for the pleasure and well-being of everybody.
That means consent freely and happily given, not by rape or bullying or
emotional black mail (tactics which are unfortunatly well-known in the world of poeple vastly more conservative than we).

For us, because we explore in areas that carry so much potential risk, consent is sacred.”

~~~~The SCC and RACK Distinction ~~~~
The main idea that separates SCC risks from RACK risks is that RACK risks, of the emotional, mental and physical health are much, much larger.

RACK activities are also called Edge Play, Hard Play or Mind Play.

Examples of Edge Play are (but not limited to) the following: Asphyxiation, Bestiality, Blade, Bloodletting, Branding, Breath Control, Caning, Chastity Belts, Cropping, Electro-torture, Enema, Fire & Ice, Fisting - Doing, Fisting - Receiving, Mutilation, Pain, Scat, Sensory Deprivation, Snuff, Watersports
Can doing these Edge Play activities harm U/us? Of course!

Class:  the basics of BDSMSince I have been in SL, there have been many times I have had people come to me upset, angry, feeling betrayed (and rightfully so), feeling unsafe and even feeling like they would leave BDSM in SL because their Dommes did some of these activities to them without them knowing what it was about. They where unexpectedly exposed to these actitvies.  In these cases then, consent was not actively given, right? And how can anyone give consent on what they do not expect?

Now, look at some SSC activities (again not limited to the following) which involve the softer end of the BDSM spectrum:

Anal Sex, Biting, Flogging, Hair pulling, Hot Wax, Kissing, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Rimming, Slapping, Spanking, Tickling, Toys, Vanilla Sex, Wrestling

Doing these activities can cause damage to the unsuspecting submissive. All of these activities should not be done until the dominant is clear consent has been given either through communication or discussion of limits.

~~~~ How do W/we SCC & RACK effectively? ~~~~

Communication is vital in all aspects of the D/s relationship.

However there are some very important things you need to communicate honestly and immediatly:
Whether you are here for casual play times with a random people, or if you are looking for a long term relationship.

Be honest, be direct and upfront about such things right away.

~~~~ 3 Limits Types ~~~~
Exchanging Limit cards and discussing Limits is very important.
Limits come in 3 types.


Hard limits:
These belong to the submissive/bottom. Hard limits are things a sub will not do. They are not to be pushed, nudged or tweaked in any way by the dominant/Top at any time!

Soft limits:
Soft limits are activities that the sub may not have experience in, may not like it a lot, may feel very vulnerable, etc.

Generally, the submisive/bottom will allow these activities to take place only at the right time, with the right person, at the right moment for him with the guidance and care of the right person.

Must Have limits:
These are things that you must have within a relationship. Must have limits are things that must be present in a relationship for it to work.

Things that are important for you as a sub in order for the relationship to be fulfilling.
So, if you haven’t thought about your limits, please do so... and Dominants, remember to know and respect hard limits fully and play slowly/cautiosly with those softer limits.

~~~~ Green, Yellow, Red! ~~~
Class:  the basics of BDSMThe other thing people need to get across is their “Safeword.”

The purpose of the safeword is to stop play NOW and is used when the sub feels he no longer consents to what is going on.

If the submissive/bottom uses their safeword, the Dominant respects the safeword and stops play immediately.

You must respect that and it is not okay to berate the sub for using the safe word, call them names, or otherwise patronize them.

Instead you have the responsibility to provide a safe place, in IM or alone in a sim some place to allow the sub to talk about why he used the safe word.

If the sub doesn’t want to talk about why he used the safe word, it is not okay for you to pressure him to do so. Give the sub the space he needs and when he is ready he can speak if he chooses.

Sometimes the safe word can be used as a pause and take a brief break- the sub may need time to adjust or cope with the intensity of what is going on. It doesn't mean the scene has to end.
It should be very clear if the sub needs to stop completely and for good, but if you are not sure then ask (communicate!) but do not pressure the sub or try to manipulate him, give him guilt trips or call him names, belittle him so he will keep playing with you.

This is unacceptable and you should never do this, even if your ego is hurt or you are ready to cum or its the best scene you've ever done- it is never, ever okay.

Your responsibility is to the sub and the sub’s safety at all times. Respect that, always.
The most common STOP safeword is “Red.”

The sub can also use “Yellow” if he feels the activity needs to slow down and “Green” to say “yes, yes, YES, give me MORE!”

~~~~ Aftercare ~~~~
Finally, when the scene is over provide aftercare. Tell the sub you are proud/thank them/pat on the head/etc. Let the know they did well.

Even better would be to tell them exactly what they did well to encourage them to do it again for you if you choose to play with the sub again.

Feedback is important. It helps them build confidence thus helping them develop to a better sub, better at serving the needs of Dommes.

Don’t ever just tp out or log off without providing aftercare to the sub who just spent his time trying to please you and amuse you.

If you do not have time to give 4 subs some aftercare then do not play with 4 subs all at one time.
Another example: Do not have them get on a pole and emote for you then just get up and go without some sort of aftercare.

If YOU gave them the order then YOU are the one responsible for that sub. Tell the sub in IM that you appreciate what they have done/good job/you did very well today/etc.

Another example: Don't tell the sub to take off his shirt and then a few minutes later just leave. This is again not okay to do.

Do not play/use/order around a sub unless you have the time to take the responsibility of his welfare.
And again from beginning to end, ask about limits, talk about the safe word, provide aftercare when done.

~~~~ Other Important Things ~~~~
Here is an excellent and easy to remember common sence list called “Essential Guidelines in the BDSM Scene.” All of these apply to both subs and Dommes:
☞Avoid making assumptions
☞Be honest
☞Be self aware: know your own wants, needs, and limitations.
☞Don't touch someone else's property without permission -- whether it is a toy or a person
☞Be tolerant: Respect other people, Respect other people's relationships, Respect other people's sexuality, Respect other people's gender identification
☞Be polite: Say "please" and "thank you" and apologize when you should.
☞Dominant does not mean domineering
☞Submissive does not mean doormat
☞Negotiate play and play consensually
☞Don't scare the vanillas (be respectful- remember consent here, if a vanilla person doesn’t want to know what Y/you do, then respect those person’s limits too!)
☞The actions of the submissive or slave reflect on the dominant.
☞The choice of dominant reflects on the taste and values of the submissive.

~~~~ Summary of the ABCs of BDSM ~~~~
So to recap what W/we have gone over:

Whether you SCC or RACK or any other way you choose to explore BDSM remember CONSENT.
COMMUNICATE directly and honestly from the very beggining.

Know Y/your limits, fill out your own Limit Card and always always talk about Y/your limits BEFORE you play or begin a relationship. Remember, Y/you don’t want to make the mistake (which happens too often in SL) of staring a relationship to find out a few days or weeks later that the two of you are not compatible/don’t want the same things/share the same goals.

Know your SAFEWORD, communicate it with the person(s) you are with and use it responsibly.
Provide AFTERCARE and remember that aftercare goes both ways from sub to Domme and Domme to sub. It is not only submissives who need reassurance.

Great! Thank you A/all for attending today’s class. Be well, be safe and enjoy Y/yourselves.

written by Jovial Denimore

Naughty Boys!

One Naughty Boy! The Greek events are on, some of the pledges have been in high spirits and have gotten a bit carried away. I know your tricks and that special little quest to get punished. Careful what you wish for boys hehehe! My inventory is large, and my imagination... well *giggles* see for yourself.One Naughty Boy!

05 September, 2009

The New Theater is OPEN For Business!

The New Theater is Open for Business!Since I moved the dice games into the new Clubhouse extension I have repurposed the old game pavilion as our NEW THEATER!!!

I have purchased a streaming Quicktime feed, so expect some movies (LOL as soon as i get it figured out :-)

04 September, 2009

New Velvet Thorn Cuffs, AO and Capture Game on its way!

These cuffs are different from other cuffs you have used.  Please read this document carefully to understand why and how best to use them.  This project began with StarSong Bright (me, the writer of this document and owner of the Velvet Thorn).  I have found that it is very confusing for Dommes to know who is free to play and who is owned, since unowned submissives commonly wear collars.  In RL DS a collar is like a kinky wedding ring in that it is a sign of trust and commitment.  And in SL, as in RL with wedding rings, women may not give a boy in a collar a second look - assuming he is taken.  But in SL the collar serves some practical functions, kneeling easily being the biggest example and this is a big part of why subs wear them, even when unowned.

Another real problem I see, particularly for newer Dommes, is the issue of “ownership” that comes with a collar.  It is weird to have to “own” somebody to leash him and drag him around the sim and this discourages many who might otherwise be game for playing a bit. But because of how collars work, Dommes end up pushed into an ownership relationship with the sub before they get to know each other well.  These last only a short time and then you have a Velcro collaring (that like Velcro is quickly undone) that doesn’t last because one or both parties was not prepared for ownership. This dilutes the value of a collar in my opinion and I find that sad.

Demo 03 of the new Cuffs AO and Capture systemSo I thought long and hard about these problems and a solution occurred to me, take the collar functionality *out* of the collar. It occurred to me that putting the needed functionality in one of the wrist cuffs would solve the problem nicely.  This is how the Velvet Thorn Cuffs idea came into being.  With the help of a couple very skilled scripters they are perfected for your use.  These cuffs are intended to get unowned subs out of collars and also to give the opportunity for play without all the “ownership crap” weighing everyone down and causing unnecessary drama and confusion.

There is no “ownership” for these cuffs.  The wearer controls them completely and can add a “Trusted” person to be able to control their cuffs for play – leashing, posing, etc. The controls are carefully named and all on the same channel so that you can avoid any conflicts with other items you may be wearing.  All commands are on channel nine “/9 command” so for Jon Doe (prefix being first initials jd)  “/9 jdnadu” to kneel. To add a play partner to the cuffs would be “/9 jdtrust StarSong Bright” for example.  The wearer can remove a trusted user at any time.

There is NO RLV in these cuffs.  I am *strongly* opinionated about this.  I simply don’t think unowned subs should be playing that hard with people they don’t know well.  I have heard too many stories of guys getting locked into a collar by some fly by night domme and then not being able to use RLV on that account again.  These cuffs are intended for lighthearted play and RLV is something that people need to know what they are getting into and with whom.

Many submissives have troubles with their animation overrider and posing from their collars.  These cuffs come with a simple ZHAO AO HUD that works in tandem with the cuffs, so that the AO and the poses don’t fight for priority (no more standing up when you should be kneeling because your stand changed).  This is all modifiable so if the wearer can add stands or even full AO sets (such as from Vista Animations) into it.

There is a third part to this set to encourage play the Velvet Thorn Capture Game.  The game consists of a two types of HUD – one for the Hunter and one for the Hunted as well as an Status Attachment that attaches to one of your eyes by default to display your game hovertext.  The game is very simple and is linked to the VT Cuffs.  When Hunter and Hunted are both wearing the Hud and Status Attachment they can click the HUD to activate the game.  Then the hunt begins.  The Hunted is captured when they come into body contact with someone who is an active Hunter.

Once captured the Hunted is hogtied on the ground and the capturing Hunter is added as a trusted user for a set amount of time (10 minutes by default).  This allows her to leash him, pose him, and whatnot.  At the end of the capture time her trusted status is removed and the Hunted is let loose to be captured again.

There is a blacklist on the cuffs that the wearer can add anyone to that they do not wish to ever control their cuffs, to prevent problems.  The Hunted will be out of commission for a minute but the undesired dominant is not able to control the cuffs.

It *is* possible to wear these cuffs with an existing collar to play the game (do not have other items set on channel 9 there should be no conflicts). PLEASE HAVE THE FULL PERMISSION OF YOUR DOMINANT before entering into the games or playing with other Dominants.

The Velvet Thorn Cuffs, AO and Capture Game are provided free to the community.  If you find them handy and give you enjoyment, please do donate to the Velvet Thorn donation thermometers in common areas and help me to continue to find new and interesting ways to make kinky fun for us all.  :-)

The cuffs and game pieces will be available directly from StarSong Bright and will be given out at small orientation meetings which she will be announcing in the group.  Please watch for the notices for your opportunity to get a pair for yourself!

Back to School Month

Dates: September 8 through 27
Location: Femdom University - Velvet Thorn Femdom

September is BACK TO SCHOOL month for most folks. In the spirit of everyone returning from their summer holidays and life returning to the autumn grind we are planning a month of festivities to get everybody in the mood. The theme of the month will be a flavor of North American Sorority/Fraternity Rush. Rush Weeks are the initiation process for new members to a Greek letter organization / House. Of course, our activities will not be anything one finds in the real world of frats and sororities, this will be a Rush like no other - Animal House meets Femdom!

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a Greek House you can read more HERE.

Expect lots of fun events sim-wide:
  • classes in a variety of areas of Femdom and creating your world in SL
  • scavenger hunts
  • panty raids and random fun
  • sports tournaments
  • hunt and capture games
  • games of chance and skill
  • themed parties on Saturdays at NOON SLT
  • and of course some good natured hazing of the "little brother" pledges (submissives).
Dommes can team up and learn from each other and will have the opportunity to meet submissives. There will be lots of chances to play with...oops, *haze* new subs.

Subs, it is a golden opportunity to meet and serve different Dommes as well as learn more about yourself. Who knows, even perhaps find a home or maybe a good starting point for a future relationship.
Please tour the four houses named in honor of four Greek goddesses: Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter, and Hera. Each house will have varied activities based on the various House Goddesses' and Mistresses areas of expertise. Get to know the House Goddesses and join to a house for the fun!

Our Greek Houses & Their House Goddess

(click the house name to TP there now for a look around!)
• Aphrodite - Infiniti Mirihi
• Athena - Portia Porterfield
• Demeter - Pansy Peccable
• Hera - Maggie Goldshark

House Structures
  • House Goddess - ruler of her house
  • Ombudsman - orients new members and acts as mentor and guide
  • Warden - the house enforcer and
  • Secretary - organizer and coordinator for her house
  • Sisters - Mistresses of the House
  • Pledges - "Little Brothers & Sisters" (submissives) who are trying to rush the house and join.  Expect hazing!
  • Any other "roles" in the house will be decided indpendently by the house goddess .

• Head Mistress - Vixanne Dreamscape
• [applications for other staff positions in the university are open, contact StarSong Bright for details]

The hazing and events will have guidelines - please read them (notecard giver is in the VT Chat area) to avoid incidents, thanks.


Blue Mars Vs. Second Life - No competition yet!

This is Your SL StarSong on Blue Mars, Any Questions?Hi All,  I got to do some beta testing over in Blue Mars, which in case you are not aware is an up and coming competitor to Second Life.  I don't think we need to worry about them surpassing SL anytime soon.  Click the picture to see my comments on what I found there, if you are curious about the strange new world.

02 September, 2009

They Came Bearing Barrels

They Came in Barrels! OneThe Mistresses, aided and abetted by Duchess Infiniti and our own Pervy Professor JeZe are getting into the Greek Rush spirit early and rushed the chat area wearing barrels and papersacks and nothing else.  

Dancing and mayhem ensued. StarSong didn't get to see any of it, LOL, "I have to sleep sometime". But the ladies took pictures and here they are. :-)

They Came in Barrels! TwoThey Came in Barrels! Four

StarSong's Birthday Bash - Panty Raid!!!

Birthday Girl!To celebrate StarSong's RL birthday at the end of the month we snuck it in to the regular Saturday themed party and turned that into an UNDERWEAR DRESS CODED PARTY. *g*

We were all stripped down to our lagless best and had a great time dancing the afternoon away!

SL gave us troubles but we had a great time despite their crazy weekend shenanigans!

DjGizmo Unplugged played us some some awesome dance tunes and kept everybody dancing in both worlds.

A special thanks to Pansy who arranged this weeks decorations and everything and to all who sent me birthday wishes and gifts and joined me for this awesome party.

Everybody Getting Down With Their Bad Selves  :-)Everybody Getting Down With Their Bad Selves  :-)

24 August, 2009

Nerds & Nymphos!

Nerds & Nymphos Party @ The Velvet ThornSaturday 22 August was the Nerds & Nymphos party. StarSong whipped up some "special" plaid and sneakers for the boys to strut their stuff in. Our Dj - DJGizmo Unplugged spun three hours of non-stop hip shaking dance tunes.

Duchess Portia Porterfield won the Nymphiest award and One Ferraris won the Nerdliest contest. I think the hiccups and "kick me" sign were the balance tippers!

Nerds & Nymphos Party @ The Velvet ThornEveryone was decked out for the occasion. Those needing help found themselves dressed up!

There were some great crossovers - with Tindal as a Nympho and Duchess Jovial as a Nerd.

15 August, 2009

LATEX DAY!!!! 15 August 2009

We had a spectacular day today in The Velvet Thorn, it was LATEX DAY!!! We took part in the Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week and man did we have fun. Serious thank yous to Duchess Pansy who worked her cute little fanny off for us, getting the models in shape, writing the script and dealing with so many of the crazy little details. The stage was provided by Lexie Jansma who coordinated the weeklong events and fashion shows.

Our day began at NOON SLT with the normal Saturday Themed Party up in the Velvet Lounge - Latex, of course!

Latex Day @ The Velvet Thorn

The main fashion show was scheduled for 2:00 PM SLT but we got a bit of a late start due to some lag and technical issues but the show got on the road and moved right along.

Latex Day @ The Velvet Thorn

Latex Day @ The Velvet ThornLatex Day @ The Velvet ThornLatex Day @ The Velvet Thorn
Latex Day @ The Velvet ThornLatex Day @ The Velvet ThornLatex Day @ The Velvet Thorn
And finally, we tied it all up nicely with a hot little after party where everyone relaxed and recoueperated!
Latex Day @ The Velvet Thorn

Latex Day @ The Velvet Thorn

10 August, 2009

Kink-Friendly Building!

Ms. Jezebele teaching her class

Group shot of the builders making our "asses"

Ms Jezebele Dagger led another of her great building classes today at VT.

Today's class was how to make a spankable ass - Ms. Jez made the class very easy to follow and I'd recommend for any novice builders to pop along to a class or two of hers - she has some great tips and info!

Keep an eye on the calendar for her next kink-friendly building class.

Happy kinky building,

Duchess Sue.

09 August, 2009

A Wonderful Night At The Opera!!!

The Opera Night in the Velvet Lounge was lovely, so many ladies in all their finery! Duchess DJ Eloise outdid herself with the great music and the decorations.

A note to the boys, these sorts of events are ALWAYS good chances to even out the gender numbers, if you are not coming to the friday parties and you are single you ARE missing out!

A different Point of View - New Discussion Format

We have a new guest speaker in the Velvet Thorn, Mr. Zealot Benmergui. He will be coming each Thursday at 9:00 AM SLT to lead a BDSM related discussion. Mr. Benmergui is an experienced lecturer in RL and SL and is also a dominant.

*GASP* you might say, a dominant male leading a discussion in a Femdom?! Well, yes, *grins* that is exactly what I intended - a different point of view. Femdom can be a bit secular, we have something to learn from everyone and Mr. Benmergui is a very funny and talented speaker, so do not let the fact that he is a dominant put you off! His discussion on the 6th of August was very well attended, the topic was: Collars: Symbol and Style, in which he looked at the history and meaning of the Collar.

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Next Week: Thursday, August 13, 09:00 – 10:00

Mr. Zealot Benmergui, the lecturer voted most likely to be turned into a toadstool, will be lecturing on Learning the Ropes: Tips on Communications for Dominants and subs. He will examine some common mistakes made between Dominants and subs and ways to correct long standing assumption. He may also share his recipe for egg salad.

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

04 August, 2009

Starsong saw a Phantom!

The Phantom of The Velvet Thorn has appeared in The Velvet Lounge. Starsong was there, blowing out candles from the Burley-Q event, when suddenly, a huge organ appeared and an evil laugh filled the air. She ran behind the velvet curtain, and swears she saw a masked man!

Could it be?

Saturday, August 8th, 12pm slt, we will all see for ourselves. Duchess Eloise will be playing the delicious, dark and decadent "Music of the Night".. both traditional and techno Andrew Lloyd Webber music. IT is a night for ball gowns and masks, tuxedos and opera gloves. Come see for yourself! I believe Star, he is hiding out in her newest build, The Velvet Lounge!

02 August, 2009

Flickr Fotos

Burlesque Boys and Beautiful Ladies party @ Velvet Lounge

Yours truly as a Burlesque ShowGirl

I added some new pics of yesterday's Burlesque Party to VT's Flickr page, and we've now topped 300 pics in the pool!

Thanks to everyone for submitting your wonderful photos, and keep it up!
They're fantastic to see.

Pop over to Flickr and join the VT group to see more....

Duchess Sue.

30 July, 2009

Burlesque Nocturne at The Velvet Lounge!

Va Va Va Voom! The Velvet Thorn's Saturday dance will be a super sexy one.. the theme this week will be burlesque! Come and join us, Saturday, August 1st at Starsong's newest build..
THE VELVET LOUNGE for teasing, tantalizing, tawdry good time!
Duchess Eloise Mureaux will spin the BURLY-Q tunes!
Dress is less.. showgirl style abundant!
Boom chicka BOOM!

Burlesque Nocturne, August 1, 12pm slt
LM to be announced!

15 July, 2009


I saw this and wanted to share it...

14 July, 2009

ROCK and ROLL.. Gypsy Soul...

This week, The Velvet Thorn has been overtaken by a caravan of gypsy poets, travelers,
and of course.. Dommes deluxe. If you have a vagabond heart, a love for the forest, fireflies and
campfire.. this is the dance for you.

Gypsy souls will be dancing on the collected Persian rugs, come and have your Tarot cards,
have your fortune told.. and just camp out with the free spirits in The Velvet Thorn.

Mark your agendas for Saturday, July 18th @ 12PM slt. Gypsy romantic wear suggested..
We even have room for little fairies and sprites..Duchess Eloise will spin music to beat your tambourine,.. shed a veil or seven.. and romp in the woods..

See you there!

Setting the Scene @ This Week's Domme Retreat.

VT's weekly Domme Retreat is your place to come, share experiences, discuss any issues or delights and generally learn from eachother in a spirit of Sisterhood!

This week I'm going to lead a part-taught, part-discussion group on "Setting the Scene".

This is aimed at new Dommes to help improve your confidence, and make you more comfortable in your dominance.
If there are any more experienced Dommes out there - please come along and share your experience and wisdom. We can all learn so much from eachother!

As always with my classes, comprehensive notes will be provided to all participants.

Please be aware that for your comfort and confidence, this will be held in a private location in VT - far away from prying ears and cams!
And also - this is a DOMME ONLY EVENT. So sorry, boys, this is for the Ladies only.
Looking forward to chatting with you Ladies!


13 July, 2009

Design a Play-Space Competition!

Have you got a great idea for a play space?
Is there a particular sort of play area that you've been looking for and just can't find anywhere else?
Have you ever thought that you'd like to try your hand at interior design?

If so, then this competion should be right up your street!

At VT we're offering our members the amazing opportunity to design a play space for the sim. This means that you, yes YOU!, can have your ideas immortalised in VT and lauded by the other members of the community.

What do you have to do?
Detail your creation on a notecard, and drop it in the drop-box in VT - it's on the bottom step heading up toward the pavillion, just as you arrive at the landing spot.

The rules - along with some handy hints and tips AND details of what you could win! - are available inworld on a notecard I sent with a group notice yesterday - just check the group notices to get hold of it!

Closing date for applications is noon SLT on Friday 31st July.

Good luck everyone, and have fun creating!

Duchess Sue.

10 July, 2009

Anything else...?

Yesterday's Collars n'Cuffs class was very well received by the VT members who attended. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback, and for your rapt attention, even when the technology let me down!

For those who missed it, if you would like a copy of the notes I handed out, feel free to ask me for them.

So what's next...?
At the end of the class I put out a call - if there are any other items: pieces of equipment/furniture or whatever, that you would like to get more information on - feel free to drop me a notecard inworld with the details, and I'll see what I can do to put other classes together.

Duchess Sue.