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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Anniversary Celebrations have started!!!

This week sees Velvet Thorn reach it's SEVENTH anniversary... that's right, I said seventh. For seven glorious years, Velvet Thorn has been providing a lighthearted home for femdom. Our own goddess, StarSong Bright, started it all and has watched over it and grown it into the biggest and, of course, the best femdom on the whole grid. Amazing, huh? I think that calls for some serious partying.

We started last night with two of the longest serving DJs at Velvet Thorn... DJ Squish and DJ Exxx for parties 1 and 2. Of course everyone looked great and of course everyone had fun. So far, nobody got tangled in the wool either, so it's all good. Let's have a peek at some photos:

And here are some pics from Exxx's set, courtesy of the always lovely Leigh and Peter:


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